9 Things Your Bedroom Needs

Let’s say you have found the time to dedicate to redesigning your new home and you are excited about the possibility of a brand new bedroom, from a master bedroom to even a guest room. Unconvinced where to start? We have ideas specifically for you of nine things that your bedroom essentially needs. You can begin checking off your list and get excited about the vision of your new house!!

  1. Style

This might seem like an obvious suggestion but hey, maybe you haven’t picked out your style yet. You will realize why is it so important in a blog post from Better Homes & Gardens that explains that “defined style will guide decisions for furniture, colors, accessories, and the other elements that you bring into your bedroom.” This can range from farmhouse rustic, eclectic modern, clean contemporary or even classic traditional. You can see a style come to life in the image below with the beautiful contemporary details of the Cydney Bedroom. Once you have your own style, you are set for the rest of our suggestions.


  1. Bed

When it comes to your bed, it is the definitive focal point of your bedroom, there’s no debating that. You have to be confident about the overall style that we mentioned earlier as well as placing “the bed in the spot that makes the most sense for the room’s design, but if you have some flexibility, position it in a way that commands attention, such as across from the door, so it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the room.” Maybe the headboard defines the bed or it’s even the sheets and duvet cover you choose. We decided to go with the Modern Universe King Platform Bed. Its presence, notably its impressive oversized tufted headboard, transforms a bedroom into a true sanctuary where you can relax and sleep.


  1. Daybed

Maybe there is a guest room in your new home or a home office that isn’t too big but still needs some sleeping accommodations. In a blog post from Elle Décor, Amy Preiser, Sara Tardiff, and Danielle Fox explain the importance of a daybed: “Create the illusion of more space in a tiny guest room.” Without sacrificing style or space, a daybed allows for extra sleeping space for wanted or unwanted guests. Yeah, summer may also be a time when your “favorite” relatives vacation at your home in Florida and you do need proper arrangements for them.

We think you’ll love the Hampton Daybed, which is not only convenient but also brings a sense of Chesterfield style to your guest area for a classic midcentury feel. When not in use, the stone gray polyester fabric with nail head and button tufted accents bring out the personality of the piece while the mattress (not included) and trundle add sleeping space for up two people.


  1. Accent Pillows

An accent pillow does exactly what its name illustrates, it accentuates the style of your bedroom. Since you have already picked out your style and bed at this point, it’s best to finish off your bed with pillows that truly complement the overall look of the room. This can mean picking just one accent pillow or mixing two different designs together. In our case, we went with the Josephine Accent Pillow. The bedroom setting itself has a clean appearance so we noticed a subtle way to bring a slight pop of color with a soft fluffy pillow that has a prominent dark pink tone.


  1. Art

A bedroom doesn’t say a statement without a piece of art that truly brings together the overall style of the room. If your bedroom furniture is minimalist modern, your choice for art varies as you can literally add whatever you want. In the case that your case goods are more on the intricately detailed side, simply pick an accessory that complements the design with a simple look. Always keep in mind that art is subjective to everyone and it’s all about what your taste is.

We decided to integrate the Fleur Canvas Wall Art into the Manhattan White Bedroom Collection. This acrylic painted piece has soft gray and white tones so it’s a neutrally toned addition to any bedroom style with a gorgeous flower texture that is sure to bring a sense of persona to your style. It’s also an easy choice as it doesn’t scream any loud colors or overwhelming design.

El Dorado-Summer 2016_017.jpg

  1. Lighting

Lighting in a new bedroom will truly depend on the amount of natural light that already enters the room. If there’s a bay window, your room has plenty of light in the morning and afternoon time. Once your curtains are closed, maybe you need one single accent light to tie in the style of the room, whether it’s industrial, contemporary or traditional. For other bedrooms that aren’t so blessed with natural light, consider adding a set of ceiling lamps or even table lamps on the case goods to add an extra touch. In the below image, the Heritage Bedroom Set is an example of a room that does not bring in natural light so you will notice that a few additions of accent lighting have made all the difference to set the ambiance.


  1. Mirrors

Elle Décor points out that “mirrors are a pretty magical design element. They make any space feel larger, brighter, and more unique, whether you decide to hang them or simply prop one up against the wall.” Essentially, mirrors don’t just complement your style, they will make a small bedroom seem bigger and or brighter for a fresh look in your brand new room. The mirror you choose will be visually pleasing as well as functional when you are getting ready to go somewhere.

We would like to suggest the Paige I Wall Mirror, a tall mirror that may feature just two materials but has a frame unlike any other. The natural-toned solid wood is truly one of a kind with imperfections and knots that are never the same with every frame. It’s a mirror that someone who is a rustic or minimalist enthusiast will appreciate adding to their bedroom.


  1. Nightstand

A nightstand may seem like a simple decision but it once again depends on your style and the amount of space you have. For example, in limited space, you can even use a side table or just a nightstand with one drawer. If you have the room for more storage and need it, consider a nightstand with at least two drawers. You could even have a few accessories on your nightstand that help reveal your style so in that case, an open nightstand with display space would be the best choice for you. An oversized nightstand is an obvious choice for a large master bedroom too if you want to give off a grand look. See, it’s not that easy, now is it?

We went with the Epicenter II Nightstand. Besides the smooth glossy pure white wood and acrylic accents, what really stands out are the two storage drawers and open display space in the center. This piece makes it easy for both storage and display in a smaller bedroom or even one that is minimalist in nature.


  1. Dresser or Chest

The last piece of furniture to add to your bedroom will be based on any free floor space left. In a blog post from Furniture.com, there is mention that “those with smaller bedrooms will likely opt for a chest of drawers to save floor space.” This certainly makes sense as a chest is narrow and tall but on the other hand, if you have more floor space and definitely need plenty of drawers for your clothing, the best choice for you will be a wide dresser. A dresser or chest is the finishing touch for our list of suggestions so be sure to keep in mind to match the style of this piece to the rest of your bedroom.

We would like to suggest the Matera Chest, which is strategically placed in a corner of the bedroom to save space. The glossy brown wood adds a smooth look to define the beautiful style while five large drawers provide a decent amount of storage for all your favorites.


After reviewing our list of ideas, you will now have a better understanding of the nine things your bedroom really needs. We’re excited to see what you choose and we would love for you to share photos of your new space with us by using the hashtag #MyEDFHome on Instagram and you’ll even have a chance to be featured!

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