The origins of El Dorado Furniture date back to the 1920’s in the Cuban province of Pinar del Rio. There, a young man named Simon Capó made a living trading farm products and fixing furniture. Simon eventually cultivated his trade into a chain of furniture stores called “Casa Capó.” By 1950, Casa Capó was one of the largest furniture manufacturing and retail enterprises in Cuba. During this time, Simon’s youngest son, Manuel, married his wife Aida, and together they raised six sons.

In 1959, the Castro regime rose to power and confiscated all private enterprises, including Casa Capó. In 1966, Manuel Capó fled Cuba with two of his sons, Luis and Carlos, leaving behind the rest of his family in hopes of making a better life for them in America. The three men escaped the island on a small sailboat called “El Dorado.” After a treacherous journey, they arrived in Mexico and eventually made their way to the United States.

Once in the U.S., Manuel and his sons worked on what they knew best: furniture. On June 27th, 1967, just seven months after their arrival, the Capós opened their first furniture store on Miami’s Calle Ocho (Eighth Street), in the heart of Little Havana. They named the store after the boat they sailed to freedom: El Dorado. The small furniture store would soon flourish and take its first steps towards expansion, thanks to a $10,000 loan from the Small Business Administration.

In 1967, Manuel’s wife, Aida, and their three younger sons, Julio, Pedro, and Jesus, arrived in Miami and were reunited with their family. Dagoberto, the eldest son, reunited with the family in 1979, after years as a political prisoner in Cuba. The Capós’ seventh son, Roberto, was born in the United States.

More than 40 years later, Manuel Capó’s legacy lives on through his sons, who all make up the company’s Board of Directors. His grandchildren also help run the business and are integral to the organization and day-to-day workings of the company. These family ties ensure that El Dorado Furniture continues to uphold the values and ideals first exhibited by an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision.

With services offered all over the world, the family-owned company is ranked among the top 50 furniture retailers in the country. There are currently 12 El Dorado Furniture showrooms and 2 outlet centers in Florida.


El Dorado Boulevard

In 1994, El Dorado Furniture introduced its first Boulevard showroom. The Boulevard is a cutting-edge concept that truly enhances the conventional shopping experience. Instead of browsing a typical furniture showroom, customers walk down a strip resembling an old-fashioned city street. Quaint benches and street lamps line the main street, which is surrounded by wondrous facades ranging from 16th-Century-inspired stained glass windows to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. More than 20 individually themed storefronts open into specialized furniture shops, each showcasing the latest furniture styles for every room in the home. The Boulevard concept would eventually be integrated into all of El Dorado Furniture’s main showrooms; it remains one of the biggest draws for customers seeking a fresh and unique shopping experience.

Same Day Delivery

El Dorado rocked the furniture industry once again in 1996 by becoming the first furniture retailer to offer wide-area same day delivery service. The groundbreaking success of this innovation ensured El Dorado’s continued success and positioned it as a leader in the furniture industry.

Carlo Perazzi

In addition to a virtually unrivaled selection of furniture from manufacturers all over the world, El Dorado carries its signature Carlo Perazzi collection. This contemporary furniture line has become one of El Dorado’s top sellers, offering customers an array of modern colors and designs they can’t find anywhere else.