August Edition: What’s Your Style?

With school starting soon and summer coming to an end next month, this could be your last chance to update the décor of your home before the hectic days of fall begin again. We couldn’t have had better timing with our newly arrived products for the month of August with What’s Your Style! Explore your options with us below.

Amber Sofa


The Amber Sofa is one of those couches that can change the look of your living room. While comfort is always important, the true beauty of this piece is seen with the shimmery beige pattern and the antique gold finish in the arms to create a sophisticated contemporary look in your home with enough seating for a few of your family members or friends! You get to relax on a stunning looking sofa.

Angel Sofa


The Angel Sofa is not a sofa you would typically find in an average living room. It’s a true standout piece. This elegantly modern couch is defined by its curved cut out back with comforting velvet-like cream polyester to ensure both style and comfort. It’s a flawless addition to your home if you are looking to make a statement.

Aliany Cream Accent Chair


An accent chair makes it easy to add a new aura of style to either your bedroom or living room. We wanted to mention the Aliany Cream Accent Chair which is beautifully modern. Its main purpose might not be just relaxation but rather the beautiful patterned details on the fabric and the simple compass legs which actually begin to signal its midcentury side. This chair might be exactly what you need for a quick update to your home!

Serena Blue Bench


The Serena Blue Bench is an elegant addition of style to add to your home. It can be placed at the foot of your bed for convenience, in your entryway to make a statement, or in your living room for additional seating. You might be curious about what makes this bench stand out from others. Besides its beautiful blueberry blue tone, the sleek polished frame and style of its armrests bring this piece its classic look. Its design is a cross between modern and traditional so it’s more than just a typical bench!

Square Clear Gold Motion Coffee Table


The Square Clear Gold Motion Coffee Table is one of those pieces that is both visually appealing and convenient. You will see that there is clear glass found on each top and base with gold metal in between these for a completely modern look, while the true convenience of this table is the fact that these all swivel at different levels, making it fun to display your accent pieces or even drinks or food during happy hour with your friends and family!

Annabelle Queen Platform Bed


The Annabelle Queen Platform Bed paints a simple contemporary scene in your bedroom that you may have never experienced before. The light toned color theme is warm and inviting to brighten your home with a fabric headboard for extra comfort as well as subtle X shapes at the top too. Your sleeping space will be cozy for every morning and night!

Santa Clara 5-Piece High Dining Set

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The Santa Clara High Dining Set is the perfect size for a casual dining area with a convenient lazy susan. This set is a different style from the pieces we have mentioned so far; it has the ability to transform your home’s setting with its farmhouse-inspired feel, a relaxing touch to a place for meals and drinks with friends and family. The stools are upholstered in a soft material so there are no worries about being comfortable there while the main statement of this set is made by the base of the table that is literally in the shape of a barrel! It’s a set that attracts your attention right away.

Opus/Joy Gray 5-Piece Formal Dining Set


If your formal dining room needs an overall update in style, the Opus/Joy Gray Formal Dining Set is your solution. This set is especially ideal for someone who appreciates classy modern style. The dining table instantly makes a statement with an intertwined base while the side chairs have high backs that accentuate sophistication for special upcoming occasions with fall right around the corner!

Aspen Bar w/2 Stools


If your home needs something that will leave your guests in awe, the Aspen Bar could be your answer. In the picture above, you will notice the warm light chocolate brown wood found on both the bar and stool for a welcoming mood. And the unique carvings on the front of the bar will have you inspired and thinking of trees in the woods, allowing you to bring the outdoors inside.

Now that you have seen a preview of our newly arrived pieces of furniture, we’re curious to see which ones your favorites are!

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