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Even though the holidays are now over, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home for the winter season. It might be time to take down any holiday-related pieces but they can be replaced easily with warm and elegant decorating ideas. Join us as we provide a comprehensive list for you to use for your winter décor!

In a blog post from Kirklands, creating a magical glow for winter is emphasized. Accent lighting can be perfect for “adding an enchanting look to any winter home.” You can begin adding lamps or candle holders in neutral tones to complement the clean feeling of the winter season.

Floret Ceiling Lamp

The Floret Ceiling Lamp, which comes in white, gray or brown, is gracefully designed to create a focal point in any room. The soft all-natural goose feathers bring a cozy touch to your décor, right on track for upcoming winter nights with plenty of lighting. The simple design allows you to use these lamps in any styled home, whether it’s modern or rustic.

Williamsburg Ceiling Lamp

Metallic tones are another thing to consider when adding a shimmer of winter to your home. The Williamsburg Ceiling Lamp is shaped in a retro design with brushed aluminum in a gorgeous brass color for a midcentury touch.

Akiro Candle Holder

The simple construction of the Akiro Candle Holder also brings a metallic feel to your home in brushed nickel with three clear glass globes for the addition of warm lighting in a room. The curved design brings modern character to your décor.

Alanna Set of 2 Finial Mirrored Table Décor

The Alanna Set of 2 Finial Mirrored Table Décor brings a reflective touch to your home décor. The smooth mirrored glass is complemented with a finial look for a classic winter finish.

Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are always a comfortable option that bring warmth to any room when the temperatures outside are dropping. Finding plush pillows with faux fur and or shag design in cream or white tones is perfect for the simplicity of the season, which even allow you to use them at any time of year.

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Barbara Sofa with a Throw

Throws also contribute to bringing more of a winter feel to your home. You can get cozy on those cold nights by adding a soft or textured blanket to your living room or bedroom as you sip on hot chocolate and watch a movie or read a favorite book. You can pair these with your neutral colored accent pillows for a combination you might enjoy past the winter season.

Kota Blue Area Rug

Rugs are always a great accessory to include in your home. Soft plush rugs bring a sense of comfort and you can continue the neutral color scheme or branch out with a pop of color like the deep blue of the Kota Blue Area Rug pictured above. Another plus to adding a rug this winter is that it can be used to separate living and dining areas if you would like this division, especially in small spaces.

Last but not least, bar carts are the perfect addition to entertain for the New Year and throughout the winter when you have friends over for happy hour. The simple design of the two bar carts adds a minimalist touch to your décor for winter time.

X-Factor Bar Cart

The X-Factor Bar Cart’s smooth stainless steel frame and clear tempered glass allow you to add this piece to any style of décor for a contemporary look. The wheels are perfect for easy transportability with two shelves for bar necessities when we all need a break from South Florida’s “winter” and want to have relaxing nights with friends.

Potenza Bar Cart

The Potenza Bar Cart is a sophisticated piece for a bar area in your home with tempered glass shelves and a smooth chrome metal frame with a round design. The three shelves provide more than enough room to enjoy cocktails with close friends while utilizing wheels for all over your home.

Now that you have explored our ideas for décor during the winter, we would love to know what pieces you would like to add to your home by writing a comment below! You can also share your home décor with us on Instagram by sharing a photo with the hashtag #MyEDFHome and your content will be featured on our Instagram account!

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