How to Pick a Mattress Online

Tired of sleepless nights? A new mattress could be just what you need to feel more rested and recharged. 

But with a wide selection of mattresses available, the search for the right mattress can feel overwhelming. That’s why, at El Dorado Furniture, we’re always ready to help you find the right mattress for your sleeping style.

And while nothing beats trying out a mattress in real life, there are also plenty of ways to pick a mattress online. We’ve put together a shopping guide with everything you need to know, from sleeping styles to comfort levels to mattress recommendations, so you can get a good night’s rest every night.

Sleeping Style

Are you a stomach sleeper, side sleeper or back sleeper? Once you identify your sleeping position, you’ll be better equipped to determine the best comfort level for your body. 

Comfort Level

Mattresses have three (3x) comfort levels: Firm, Soft and Plush. Depending on your sleeping position, you might prefer one comfort level over another, or perhaps you may want to consider a combination of comfort levels, such as Medium-Firm or Medium-Soft.  

  • A firm mattress is usually the top choice for back sleepers

A firm mattress offers a flat and even surface, allowing you to keep your back and spine aligned to ensure maximum support during the night. 

  • A soft mattress is neither too firm nor too soft, perfect for stomach sleepers. 

A soft mattress is designed to sink just enough to help relieve pressure points, which is especially beneficial for stomach sleepers who tend to put a lot of pressure on their lower back, spine and neck.

  • A plush mattress is usually the go-to for side sleepers.

The most common type of position, sleeping on your side tends to put weight on your shoulder, hips and spine. That’s why we recommend a plush mattress that sinks deeply and conforms to your body completely.   

Type of Mattress

We’re breaking down our top three mattress options by material: innerspring, memory foam and hybrid.

Innerspring Mattress Memory Foam Mattress Hybrid Mattress
The innerspring mattress is the oldest and most popular type of mattress. It is made of spring and coils, offering an extra bouncy and cushioned surface that you’ll love with plenty of edge support.A memory foam mattress is made of responsive and cooling foam material that conforms to your body. It minimizes motion transfer, which is especially helpful if you sleep with a partner, and relieves pressure points.Made of both memory foam and springs, a hybrid mattress offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the bounce of a traditional innerspring mattress with the responsiveness of memory foam.

Mattress Size

If this is your first time buying a mattress online or you’re deciding to go up a mattress size, it’s important to know the different sizes available to you. Whether you choose a twin or king really depends on what you’re looking for, who it’s for and how much free space you have. 

Twin and Twin XL Mattresses

A typical twin mattress measures 39” wide by 75’ long. This is perfect for kids who are transitioning into their big boy/big girl beds. There is also the option of a twin XL mattress which is five inches longer, ideal for high school or college students, a guest room or for those who live in a smaller space. 

Full Mattress

A full mattress measures 54” by 75”, ideal for a growing teen or single adult. You can also place a full mattress in a guest bedroom, however, keep in mind that it may be a tight fit for a couple to share.

Queen Mattress

Our most popular size is a queen size mattress, which typically measures 60” by 80”. This allows you and your partner to sleep next to each other comfortably. There’s even space for your children and pets to relax with you. Even if you’re not sharing the bed, a queen mattress is still a great option if you love to stretch out.

King Mattress

Need more room? A king mattress is the largest size, measuring 76” by 80”. It is perfect for your master suite, offering a grand look and ample room to share with a partner. Plus, if you’re children or pets love to sleep over sometimes, a king mattress gives everyone the chance to spread out and doze off.


You never want to spend more than you can afford, but just remember that you’re not only buying a new mattress, you’re also investing in a good nights’ sleep for years to come. So make sure to carefully read and compare the features and benefits of each mattress before making your decision. You may find that the prices are worth it, especially if you’re getting cooling technology, a customizable surface and a comfort level that matches your sleeping style – all in one.

Mattress Recommendations

Need somewhere to start? If you don’t feel ready to jump into our endless selection of mattresses, we’ve got our top three picks for each sleeping style right here. Don’t forget to pair your mattress with a pillow or adjustable base. These accessories make all the difference when experiencing a new mattress. 

Comfort Level: Firm
Ideal for: Back Sleeper
– advanced pressure relief 
– responds to your body’s unique shape
– cool-to-the-touch technology
– high-quality firm foam for more support 
– a cover system that regulates heat
Comfort Level: Plush
Ideal for: Side Sleeper
– responsive foam for cradling comfort 
– cools and relieves pressure  
– anti-microbial technology that keeps it clean and fresh
– fabric that is both eco-friendly and durable
– increased airflow and breathability  
Comfort Level: Soft
Ideal for: Stomach Sleeper
– foam that relieves pressure
– innerspring system that adapts to your body
– advanced  cooling technology 
– edge support
– two comfort layers

With our comprehensive shopping guide, you have everything you need to start shopping for a brand-new mattress online. But if you’re still unsure which is the best mattress for you, visit one of our El Dorado Furniture showrooms, where our mattress experts will be more than happy to help! 

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