El Dorado Furniture Embraces Empowered Women

Andrea Marin

Merchandise Leader (Manager)
El Dorado Furniture – Calle Ocho
2475 SW 8th St, Miami, FL

Andrea shares and embodies how women in the workforce are leaving a mark as they are facing an equal world. She believes that today’s industries have women leader who stand out not only professionally but because of their willingness to overcome any obstacle that may arise.

“I believe that every woman carries a special power and strength that characterizes us. We always have that brightness.” says Andrea Marin.

Andrea joined El Dorado Furniture in 2017 as a Decorator and since then her dedication and genuine leadership have led her to Merchandise Leader.

She shares her empowerment by telling her peers: “Women should prepare professionally and not stop pursuing their dreams.” she says. “El Dorado has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and professionally I have developed my goals. Life is about evolving.”

Family is a big part of El Dorado Furniture’s Culture, for which it is clear why Andrea is an exceptionalrepresentation to the company, as her daughters are her daily inspiration. She leads them by example, tobe determined women in the future. “Girl Power” is her family motto.

Mariam Farach

Vice President of Operations
El Dorado Furniture HQ
Miami Gardens, FL

“Progress”- That’s what motivates Mariam Farach to keep reaching up the ladder. She is the true definition of a go-getter and believing that the sky is the limit.

If there’s one piece of advice that Mariam can give women of today, it is this: “Don’t waste time worrying about what others think you can or can’t do; instead, use that time to grow your mind and soulby focusing on your own ideas and aspirations,” says Mariam. “The fruits of your labor in becoming a better human being cannot be taken away from you.”

Mariam’s experience working in different areas throughout the years at El Dorado, is what has contributed to her success, giving her a well-balanced understanding of the company’s needs and goals.Her career in El Dorado began in 1998 and has held leadership positions in the areas of Customer Service, Sales, IT, E-Commerce and more. She now proudly holds the role of Vice President of Operations of the company. Mariam finds her inspiration behind the value of growth with the followingsaying from the great Henry Ford: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, Mariam believes that women are truly making a name for themselves, “Women’s empowerment means to me never allowing a person’s gender be a factor that influences any decision and considering a person’s abilities, ethics, ideas, and values to be the ones whorepresent them wherever they go,” she says.

Lilibeth Lopez

Distribution Center Operations Leader
El Dorado Furniture HQ
Miami Gardens, FL

Lilibeth Lopez is so proud of today’s women in the workforce and believes that they have come a long way. “Women are not settling and we are demonstrating that we can deliver and accomplish tasks and obstacles presented to us.” says Lili.

Lili has been a part of the El Dorado Furniture family since 2015 and her growth has been nothing short from exemplar. She started off her journey in the company as Corporate Receptionist, and short after she joined the company’s headquarters as Corporate Secretary. In 2018 she pursued new challenges, transferring to an administrative role at the Distribution Center and recently has been promoted to Distribution Center Operations Manager.

With her positive attitude, she is ready to take on this new role as she says that “opportunity” is what truly inspires her and gives her the chance to prove that she can accomplish anything she sets hermind to. Her favorite inspirational quote, which goes hand in hand with her recent promotion this year, is from Morgan Harper Nichols: “Let this year be the year you go after courage.” Her nickname might as well be a real world “Superwoman” as she wears many hats and always makes it happen.

When asked what Women’s Empowerment means to her, there was no hesitation to her answer as she believes this gives women the chance to motivate and push one another forward-the support that is so crucial in today’s world. “We are showing other women in the world not to give up and understand that as long as they push to strive, they have an equal chance to advance.” says Lili.