The December IT List: Holiday Edition

It’s officially December, which means it’s time for our IT list: Holiday Edition. We will be mixing it up this time by focusing on favorite gifts for your loved ones this holiday season with quotes from our buyers. Please join us as we share ideas below!

Isabel Gray Vanity w/Bench

Gift Idea-  (2).jpg

“This attractive vanity set is perfect for someone who appreciates glamorous beauty.  With a large amount of storage space and gorgeous crystal tufted accents, the Isabel Gray Vanity is a stylish addition to a bedroom.” Bin Gonzalez, Buyer

Santa Fe Game Dining Table

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“Complete his man cave this holiday season with the Santa Fe Game Dining Table. Crafted with a reversible game and dining top, this table is perfect for those game nights.” Yanilis Polito, Product Information Supervisor

Nixon Wenge Bar Mirror

Gift Idea-  (12).jpg

“The Nixon Wenge Bar Mirror is a functional holiday gift for a friend, making it easy to entertain guests with the use of the wine rack and upside down bottle holder for upcoming happy hours.” Marlon Davila, Buyer

Floret Ceiling Lamp

Gift Idea-  (8).jpg

“The Floret Ceiling Lamp adds a graceful focal point to the room it’s installed in. The simple silhouette adorned with goose feathers can complement multiple styles of décor, making it a flawless gift for a homeowner.” Karina Melendez, Drop-Ship Program Manager

Look how gorgeous the Floret Ceiling Lamp looks in any setting!

Liz Massage Recliner

Gift Idea-  (7).jpg

“Give the gift of relaxation to a loved one with the Liz Massage Recliner. The seven different massages will pamper anyone throughout the holidays.” Yanilis Polito, Product Information Supervisor

Iso Red Chair Bed

Gift Idea-  (5).jpg

“The Iso Chair Bed is a great holiday gift for any friend or family member with limited space. This chair is multi-functional and transforms into a twin size layout bed. Ideal for any unexpected holiday guests.” Ingrid Dyer, Buyer

Modern Muse Wall Unit

Gift Idea-  (14).jpg

“The Modern Muse Wall Unit can fit in a home owner’s big entertainment center just in time for the holidays. This gift is trendy with a mixed combination of metal and wood with two light colored gorgeous barn doors for adding a relaxed coastal feeling.” Maria Maury, Buyer

Celo Vases

Gift Idea-  (9).jpg

“The Celo Vase is essential for anyone trying to add a pop of color to their home. The various colors provide a radiant touch to any room with gray for a two-tone look. Finish these vases with a bouquet of flowers for a gift that your friend or family member will adore.” Karina Melendez, Drop-Ship Program Manager

Visage Acrylic Wall Art

Gift Idea-  (15).jpg

“The Visage Acrylic Wall Art is perfect for anyone who loves a sense of fashion in their home. The classic black and white tones of this woman in a pose add a classic touch for the holidays.” Laura Fernandez, Buyer

Hybrid Mattress

Gift Idea-  (1).jpg

“Holidays for many people can be a stressful time of year as there is a lot to do. It’s crunch time. When it’s time to give to others for the holidays, you can focus on comfort and support with a hybrid mattress. Nothing says love like a good night’s sleep.” Lloyd A. Bethel Jr., General Mattress & Bedding Specialist

Enterprise White Electric Fireplace w/Speakers

Gift Idea-  (13).jpg

“The Enterprise White Electric Fireplace w/Speakers is really an ideal gift to give to someone who frequently entertains guests in their home. This piece can warm up a room while also streaming audio with Bluetooth® wireless, perfect for good times with friends and family during the winter season.” Marlon Davila, Buyer

X-Factor Bar Cart

Gift Idea-  (6).jpg

“Entertaining is a breeze with the X-Factor Bar Cart, making this piece perfect for a holiday gift. Its sleek contemporary style and easy transportability are essential for any hostess with the mostess.” Yanilis Polito, Product Information Supervisor

Etna Collection

Gift Idea-  (10).jpg

“The Etna collection adds a simple enhancement with a distinct white and black contrast for a glossy ceramic finish. These decorative spheres can be added to someone’s office space or home for a modern gift idea.” Karina Melendez, Drop-Ship Program Manager

Fueguito Car Bed

Gift Idea-  (3).jpg

“The Fueguito Car Bed is a bed your child has always been dreaming of. The realistic race car look and lights under the bed bring out your kid’s imagination, making this piece a fun gift for the holidays.” Bin Gonzalez, Buyer

After reading the December IT list, we would love to hear which gift you are considering! Leave a comment below and share with us. We wish you the best of luck with your gift list for the holidays!

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