The Perfect Patio

With spring in full bloom, more people are spending time outdoors and breathing in the fresh air. Whether you own a home with a patio or live in a condo with a balcony, an essential area for relaxation at this time of the year is outside for an outdoor oasis. Certain pieces can help you create the alfresco feel you are looking for with ideal comfort and space.

A Patio Productions blog post recommends a few tips for getting your patio started:

  • Choose a focal point as the “heart of your patio arrangement.” Any other pieces you add will emphasize the décor of this area. The Ares Collection showcases the focal point of an outdoor space. The pieces are designed with simple details and are placed far apart in order to highlight a vast feeling.

    El Dorado-Summer 2016_077
    Ares Collection
  • “Design like a traffic conductor.” Focus on the way guests will leave and enter your patio. Ensure that there is a definite path that keeps this setting open and spacious.
  • Focus on the arrangement of your outdoor furniture. “Place the longest piece of furniture along the longest wall.” This piece can be a sofa or loveseat that balances the focal point. Surround the area with chairs for additional seating. You can see this arrangement come to life in the picture below with the Vianca Natural Collection. The sofa is placed against the wall, emphasizing the soothing setting with light gray water resistant cushions, wing back style, and natural colored wicker design. The other pieces of furniture are arranged in an effective way as well.

    El Dorado-Summer 2016_071
    Vianca Natural Collection


In a blog post by myhomeideas, it is suggested to bring your home outdoors by arranging a living area that resembles a setting you could see in your family room. This encourages both relaxation and conversation. Consider furniture from the Luxor Collection in the picture below, with MarinaPlus leather upholstery for water resistance and wicker construction for durability. Additionally, add side tables or a coffee table for an inclusive living area, such as the Ibiria Side Table with a tempered frosted glass top and round spindle base. You and your family will have a functional living area for any type of occasion.

El Dorado-Summer 2016_078
Luxor Collection
Ibria Side Table

If space permits, consider adding both a living set and dining set to your patio. Make sure to leave enough space between both areas so that they feel spacious yet create the illusion of two rooms in your backyard. In addition, having two different areas is perfect for entertaining, as they allow your family and any guests to engage. You can see a perfect example of this setting with the Zenith Collection in the picture below.

El Dorado-Summer 2016_073
Zenith Collection

As much as we may love being outdoors in South Florida, the sun and heat can be overwhelming and we definitely need a break, so an umbrella is an essential piece for you to consider for your patio. Keep in mind the Roma White Umbrella, which supports your outdoor décor as well as keeping you cool and comfortable in the spring heat.

8UBA-03 Umbrella 011_MEDIUM
Roma White Umbrella


Even with limited space, your balcony can be enhanced to create an outdoor area.

The Castle Rock 3-Piece Patio Set exudes comfort and durability for your balcony. The side table is stylish with basket weave style and flared legs and even includes a stainless steel ice bucket for your convenience. The two rocker chairs feature water resistant covers and aluminum construction, completing the set with style and solidity. Even though this set is small, it is suitable for the beginning of your balcony haven.

Castle Rock 3-Piece Patio Set

The Neilina Brown 3-Piece Patio Set is another ideal option to consider for your balcony. The side table is sturdy with wicker and a clear tempered glass top. The two side chairs continue the comfortable feel with water resistant cushions and light brown and gray tones. Even with limited seating, this set is ideal for you and your partner to begin enjoying your balcony space.

Neilina Brown 3-Piece Patio Set

Last but not least, if you would like to consider forming an outdoor dining area, use a simple piece such as the Naples Round Dining Table with a cone shaped base that maintains your spacious balcony.

Naples Round Dining Table

In essence, setting up your own patio or balcony is certainly a great option for spring and summer. We wish you the best of luck for your outdoor retreat! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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