5 Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Home

Madison Pink Accent Chair next to a window with side table and white vase

From serene blues to vigorous reds, there’s always an opportunity to add a little color into your life. But don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you have to do a costly home makeover. There are small, creative ways to use living room décor and accessories to freshen up your palette without breaking out the paint (or the bank). 

This year, get some inspiration from Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta. Viva Magenta is a bold hue that symbolizes power, strength and a passion for life. Although it may be challenging to find furniture with this exact color, there are plenty of shades you can incorporate into your designs. 

Here are five ways to add color to your home no matter your comfort level or budget.

1. Sofas and Futons With Bold Colors

Functional and stylish, sofas are typically the center point of a living room. The right sofa can anchor the space instantly. It sets the standard for the layout, style, and function of the entire room. Find a sofa that showcases your taste, provides comfort for everyday life, and brings a touch of magenta to your space. You may also want to consider choosing a multifunctional piece such as a futon that doubles as a bed for overnight guests.  

2. Accent Chairs to Revive Your Color Scheme

There’s no easier way to add color to your living space than with an accent chair. From their unique silhouettes to playful tones, accent chairs go beyond a simple seating arrangement. They reflect your personality while also creating a more dynamic look. Plus, accent chairs come in a variety of fabrics, shades, and design styles. Perfect to fit all your needs, these must-haves bring new tones and extra seating to any room. 

3. Pillows and Throws for a Touch of Color

You’ll be surprised to see how your space transforms with a few accent pillows and throws. These smaller pieces are a great way to incorporate color and texture into your home without making a large commitment. So, when the seasons change, you can always rotate your accent pillows to match. It also offers an opportunity to add fresh pinks and reds into a neutral room while creating extra layers that feel cozy.

4. Sculptures and Vases for Vibrant Callouts

Statement pieces come in all shapes and forms, allowing you to complement any décor. Whether it’s a free-flowing sculpture or a chic vase, these accents are the perfect way to tie the entire room together. Hints of blush and crimson can breathe new life onto every tabletop or counter. A hint of color can revitalize your room without bringing in a new furniture piece in or changing your entire layout.

5. Colorful Wall Art to Draw the Eye

Dive into the color of 2023 with new canvas and acrylic art. You’re sure to find abstract or realist designs that celebrate magenta and what it stands for. Dress up your walls with trending art and manifest the courage to color outside the lines. Not only does art provide a source of daily inspiration, it also serves as a great conversation starter for when guests are over. Plus, pieces with multiple hues can match your color scheme or décor effortlessly. 

From quick upgrades to major overhauls, incorporating color into your home has never been easier. No matter your budget or comfort level, you can find different shades and palette combos that enhance your style. 

Are you ready to venture into new color realms? Start shopping!

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