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Our eyes are all drawn to different pieces of furniture. If we all liked the same, shopping for your home would be pretty boring, right? You might like a sleek contemporary sofa from Italy while one of your friends might prefer the natural feel of wooden furniture from Brazil. From glossy components to intricate details, it’s always so interesting to see how the design from certain countries affects the overall look of the furniture. Join us as we explore a world of furniture, with Italian, Oriental, Brazilian, and French influences.


Italian-inspired design is characterized by simplicity and clean lines. In a blog post from Italia Living, Aimee Claire explains that modern Italian furniture resembles a sophisticated contemporary look with monochromatic color schemes such as white and black.

Italian craftsmanship is immaculate, with the careful implementation of materials such as engineered or natural wood, thick genuine top grain leather, stainless steel, and lacquer. Furthermore, Claire emphasizes that a sofa with chaise style goes back to ancient seating, creating the common modern set-up.

The Rio White Leather Sectional Sofa w/Left Chaise is the essence of an Italian designed sofa. The comfortable deep seating of this couch is enriched with the smooth pure white genuine leather everywhere the body touches with knife edge cushions. And the Italian contemporary feel of this piece is complete with the shape of the cushions and the simple yet sleek chrome metal legs.

Rio White Leather Sectional Sofa w/Left Chaise

It is not uncommon for a modern Italian setting to be very minimal with a stunning sense of style.

For example, check out the Memphis Platform Bed below, which is made in Italy.

Memphis Platform Bed

The Italian-inspired design of this bed is illustrated by the warm brown zebrawood construction with beautiful Canaletto and walnut veneers with a high-grade coating for a fresh glossy feel. The gray inlay detailing found on the headboard completes the neat details of this piece.

The Valery Formal Dining Set is another example to portray Italian design. The pebble gray engineered wood construction of the round dining table follows a common simple color scheme with koto veneers and a lacquer coating for that smooth contemporary impression. The side chairs exhibit the Italian inspiration of the set with soft cloud leatherette upholstery with small metal accents on the backs.

Valery Formal Dining Set

Additionally, the Briana Side Table displays the minimalist feel of a modern Italian piece. A smooth glossy marble top in natural cream tones is neatly built over a brushed stainless steel top. The laminate of the table top exudes a smooth finish to a living room with simplicity.

Briana Side Table


Oriental or Asian design is deep in tradition. This design is most popular from Japan or Asia and focuses on a few different characteristics.

In a blog post from Hunker, Rochelle Karina points out that the bold use of rich colors is a common theme. A color such as a deep red is stunning when used with a smooth fabric or on natural wood with a painted finish. This particular color can dominate in a setting. For example, both the Karma Red Area Rug and Epicenters Chest are perfect examples of how red can be an integral addition to your home décor.

The Karma Red Area Rug is made of soft polypropylene and polyester in a beautiful blood red. The vintage pattern found in the details of this rug highlights an Oriental feel for a deep finish to your home décor.

Karma Red Area Rug

The Epicenters Chest is made of reclaimed wood with walnut veneers, an already natural yet industrial finish to your home. What’s remarkable about this piece is the red painted detail on the drawer fronts. The distressed look of the red tones brings a sense of unique Oriental warmth to your bedroom.

Epicenters Chest

Asian furniture can also be used for more than one purpose. More people are moving into smaller homes or apartments so it’s not uncommon for you to already have an Asian influenced piece in your home. For example, Karina reminds us of how a futon “works as a couch by day and bed by night.” This is ideal when a guest room is not available space-wise.

The Peron Chocolate Futon Loveseat is upholstered in soft brown microfiber with bent wood arms and two patterned accent pillows for an Oriental feel. This piece is fully extended with a click-clack mechanism for use in a small area.

Peron Chocolate Futon Loveseat

Elements from nature can be integrated into Asian design as well. Plants bring a sense of the outdoors inside as well as solid wood.

The Cypress Tree, although it is purely decorative, utilizes faux materials to add a sense of nature to any room. The decorative rocks and leaves resemble the Zen feel of a simple setting.

Cypress Tree


Modern Brazilian furniture follows a common set of features for the most part. In a blog post from Don S. Shoemaker, Karin Goyer emphasizes the importance of Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin, Percival Lafer, Jean Gillon, and Michel Arnoult as the pioneers of the Brazilian modernist movement. They commonly use natural resources, tropical hardwoods, as well as the understanding the need of simple beauty and comfort for everyone.

The cultural identity of Brazilian furniture is complete by using native and recycled materials as mentioned above. In a blog post from The Culture Trip, Sergio Rodrigues is credited as the father of the finest design creations in Brazil. Goyer explains that his work involves traditional raw materials such as eucalyptus and jacaranda woods for a sense of value.

Brazilian furniture adds a warm feel to any room with the gorgeous finish of native and solid woods. Below, you will find a few examples of how this influence can work in your home.

The Montauk Natural Chest and Platform Bed showcase the design of furniture that is literally made in Brazil. Both pieces are constructed of solid pine wood in a natural color for a simple tropical finish to a kid’s bedroom. The distressed finish of the wood signals the identity of these pieces.

Montauk Natural Chest
Montauk Natural Platform Bed

The Jane Sofa and Patio Set are also directly made in Brazil. You can see once again how wood plays a primary role in the beauty of these pieces for everyday use. Both the frame of the sofa as well as the table and benches are made of Eucalyptus wood, one of the raw woods mentioned previously, in a natural brown. The plank details in the patio set and the cream Sunbrella fabric of the sofa make these Brazilian pieces comfortable for everyone.

Jane Sofa
Jane Patio Set


French design is never simple; it’s intricate and beautiful. Simple color tones are never a priority. Rich deep colors dominate a house setting with warm gold, red, bronze, and brown tones.

In a blog post from My Decorative, hand-carved details in solid wood such as walnut, oak, and mahogany are common. These details create an elegant feel for a home that might remind you of the French influence in the gorgeous city, New Orleans.

Adding a large sleigh or platform bed in a warm brown color is synonymous with French details. The Coventry Tobacco Sleigh Bed is elegantly styled with solid mahogany wood construction with carved accents as well as beaded details by the button tufted headboard. The magnificent finish of this bed brings a sense of nostalgia for French motivation.

Coventry Tobacco Sleigh Bed

An extravagant ceiling lamp continues the grand feel of French inspired furniture as part of your décor. The Victorian Pendant Ceiling Lamp shown below is in a globe shape with both metal and glass as its design. The candelabra armillary design, which is basically the shape of this piece, adds a French flair.

Victorian Pendant Ceiling Lamp

Tables with elegant design add character to a dining or living setting. A blog post from Ashley HomeStore explains that in a small space, a detailed table with a bronze finish and glass top gives the illusion of more space for a specific setting. The Bombay Casual Dining Set exemplifies how you can execute this situation in a small home. The round dining table has a smooth beveled edge glass top with an aged bronze wood frame that includes scrolling design and ogee edge moldings. The details of the frame create an impressive French feeling, which opens up a smaller dining area for your occasions.

Bombay Casual Dining Set

Last but not least, the Firenze Bistro Set brings more of a Parisian influence to your outdoor furniture. The dining chairs are made of light brown aluminum with hand woven wicker seats and backs with royal blue and white tones which may remind you of a simple French café. The bistro table is constructed of the same aluminum with a smooth glass top for a complete finish.

Firenze Bistro Set

In essence, after reviewing influences in design from different countries, we would love to see what style you prefer. We love seeing how your home turns out with our pieces of furniture and accessories. Share your home décor with us by using the hashtag #MyEDFHome on Instagram and you will have a chance to be featured!

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