Better Sleep Month: Your Guide to Mattress Accessories

Mattress on white bed with white nightstand and yellow rug in lifestyle setting

Your bed should be your haven and the most comfortable spot in the house. A good mattress is your first priority, of course. No one can sleep well on a lumpy mattress! And pairing your dream bed with a few carefully chosen mattress accessories will bring you the perfect zzzzz!


Close-up of foundation and mattress with woman’s hand on mattress

It used to be a given that you’d always set your mattress on a box spring, instead of directly on the bed frame. But times have changed and now many mattress manufacturers now specifically recommend that you don’t use a box spring! In fact, a box spring can actually damage a memory foam mattress or latex bed. 

Opt instead for a foundation. These strong and durable pieces give your mattress the support it needs, without causing any damage.

Mattress Protectors

Mattress protector in lifestyle setting
Product shown: Ver-Tex Mattress Protector

Your mattress protector is arguably the most important mattress accessory you can buy. It slips onto your bed like a fitted sheet, serving as a barrier between your mattress and your sheets. But do you really need one, if you change your sheets regularly?

Yes! Mattress protectors are essential not just for good sleep, but for good hygiene. Because you’re not alone in your bed – you’re sharing it with dust mites, fungi, and millions of bacteria. And your sheets won’t protect you from them, or the allergens, skin cells, and sweat that are also embedded on your mattress. 

And mattress protectors don’t just protect you, they protect your mattress, too. Look for one that is waterproof, because you never know when you might spill your coffee having breakfast in bed (or spill your wine during an episode of Bridgerton). 

Adjustable Bases

Woman lying in bed with adjustable base in lifestyle setting
Product shown: Essentials IV King Powered Base by Serta

Adjustable bases are a great way to relax before bedtime. They have many benefits including reducing acid reflux, relieving back pain and stress, and helping with snoring and sleep apnea.

All you have to do to get started is use the wireless remote that comes with your adjustable bed base! This is where you can set up massages, preset positions, and many more special features. Some of our adjustable beds are also split which means there are two twin XL bases placed separately side by side. This is perfect for you and your partner who might have different sleep preferences. You can adjust the base independently of each other for a personalized experience!


Woman wearing white clothing sleeping in bed

Not sure if you’re ready for a new pillow? Try this test: fold your pillow in half. If it stays that way, it’s time for a new pillow! How often you need to replace your pillow will depend on the quality and materials, but in general, most pillows need to be replaced at the most every two years. 

You’ll be surprised how much better you feel when you wake up after sleeping with a new pillow! New pillows are a lifesaver for your neck and can save you from sore mornings. 

Comforter Sets

White coverlet set on gray bed with white nightstands in lifestyle setting
Product shown: Skye I Coverlet Set 

We’ve talked a lot about mattress accessories that will make you feel better physically…but a new comforter set will help you feel better emotionally! There are only so many times you can wash your comforter before the color fades and the filling gets lumpy. Invest in a new one that  adds style and matches your personality. You’ll go to bed with a smile! 

Are you ready to catch up on your beauty sleep yet? These mattress accessories will help you get your full eight hours every night!

Start shopping for your new accessories, perfect for Better Sleep Month, at an El Dorado Furniture store location near you in Miami-Dade, Broward, St. Pete, Naples, Ft. Myers, or West Palm Beach, or visit us online!

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