Chests & Armoires: Why You Need One

While chests and armoires are not always the first piece of furniture you think of for your bedroom, you might not realize the presence they carry: “Its very size makes an armoire hard to miss, and depending on its color and style; it can give any room character” (Spruce). But before we get into more information about chests and clothing armoires, let’s discuss the history. These pieces date back to as early as the 12th century, from the “Old French word armarie, which came from the Latin armarium, a closet or chest or a place for implements, tools, and arms.” In the 17th century, the French reclaimed the name and it’s been armoire ever since (A&M Home Furnishings).

There are multiple functions for an armoire, whether you are just looking for a statement piece for a living room or entryway or as storage for your wardrobe, shoes or jewelry that can’t fit in your closet otherwise, especially on the rise as more apartments are being built with limited space, therefore small closets. You will also notice that these items tend to be tall and narrow, so they can even work better than a dresser due to its width. The doors create a stylish statement while also concealing your storage by tucking it away with drawers, shelves, and hanging space. An armoire can even be used in other rooms, becoming a versatile option for your home. So our question is, what are you waiting for?!

A wardrobe armoire or chest can act as a TV stand in your living room, with plenty of storage for electronics and other essentials. In a blog post from Copenhagen Living, this functionality is explained: “An armoire adds an extra elegant look to any living room by keeping technology contained and hiding away any messy cables.” If your home is primarily modern, we can see you adding something like the stylish Halo Chest to your living room, with your TV on the top or mounted to the wall!

If you’re in a master bedroom and have a lot of open space to decorate, Rachael Ray’s Cinema Shoe Cabinet acts as a chest when closed with two doors that are beautifully detailed, creating a focal point while also making sure you have a dedicated space for all your shoes. 

Then there’s a lingerie chest, which can’t always fit in a closet as well but is still something to think about in a corner of your bedroom. It’s a piece that might not be on your mind right away, but it’s the perfect fit for your intimates and jewelry. A lovely design like the Glimmering Heights Lingerie Chest also makes it easy to update the style of your bedroom with a single purchase.

We will now move on to chests.

The Chic Chest is the perfect example of a new focal point for your bedroom. On the left door, you can see the soft gold overlapping circular pattern that makes this chest a statement piece while the right door is opened to show its use as a storage piece for shoes, clothes, and blankets. The multiple purposes make a chest like this one a secret star of the show.

Then there’s the London Heights Chest. This chest of drawers is not quite as big but its multipurpose design can be used in other places besides your bedroom. You can see this come to life with this chest placed in a living room in the photo below. The circle design on the door fronts is what makes it stand out with drawers hidden inside for any essentials you can think of. 

Now that you have seen the versatility of chests and armoires, it might be time to add one to your bedroom or living room! If you decide to make a purchase with us, let us know how it turns out by sharing images with us on Instagram. If you include the hashtag #MyEDFHome , you will even have a chance to be featured on our account!

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