Choosing the Best Stool Height

When you’re adding stools to your home, whether it’s your kitchen or bar area, it can sometimes be hard to figure out the best stool height. If you get something too low, you’ll be reaching up for drinks or appetizers. If you get a stool that’s too high, it will be awkward and uncomfortable compared to the kitchen counter or bar table’s height. That’s definitely not something we want you to experience! That’s why we are here to help you choose between a bar stool, counter stool, and adjustable stool. Check out four simple steps below!

Step 1: Measure the height of the table.

This will be from the floor to the top of the bar or counter. We recommend doing this step more than once just to be completely accurate.

Step 2: Match the height of the stool to your table.

If your table height is between 34 and 39 inches, blog posts from Room for Improvements and Ballard Designs, recommend a counter height stool. If your table is instead 40 inches or taller, a bar height stool is the perfect match. If you prefer a stool that can adjust between different heights, then all you’ll need is an adjustable stool. Check out three examples below of each type of stool that we carry!

Hyde White Adjustable Stool
Timber Gray Counter Stool
Sammie Bar Stool

Step 3: Figure out how many stools you can fit at your bar or table.

Make sure there is enough space in between each stool so there’s no overcrowding and your friends and family can socialize and eat with plenty of room to adjust.

Wakefield Counter Table and Counter Stools

Step 4: Pick out your new stool today! For a wide selection to choose from, check out our selection of stools here:

After completing these four steps, you’ve chosen the best stool height and we can’t wait to see the stools in your home. Feel free to share images with us on Instagram with #MyEDFHome and you’ll have a chance to be featured!

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