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When you’re shopping for new furniture or accessories online and something you worry about is the shipping cost, it’s always a bonus to see that there is actually free shipping! You’ll be happy to hear that we actually have over 200 items that qualify for free shipping, which are shipped directly to your home, allowing you to decorate easily! Also, are you on the West Coast or up north in New York? Either way, these items ship nationwide so you can get free shipping even if you’re on the other side of the country! You can see the full list here but we would love for you to join us below as we talk about some of our favorite pieces.

Twiggy Canvas Wall Art

For our first item from free shipping, we have the Twiggy Canvas Wall Art. If you’re ready to branch out with your décor style to add an eclectic piece of art to your home, this wall art is everything. With a graffiti design of a stylish woman in sunglasses, we see you adding this piece to your entryway for a huge statement. We do understand this wall art is not for everyone though!

Tori Ceiling Lamp

If you have needed to change the pendant lighting of your home for a while now, you’ll love the Tori Ceiling Lamp, making the free shipping that much more convenient! You can consider decorating your home’s entryway, dining room or kitchen with this ceiling lamp’s crystal accents for a unique look that is best for a modern or contemporary style. 

Night Sky Accent Pillow

When you’re shopping online for new accent pillows for your home, whether it’s for your sofa, bed or accent chair, adding one like the Night Sky Accent Pillow is that much easier with free shipping. You’ll notice that there is a pattern that is kind of hidden, with more of a traditional design that can fit well with a classic couch or chair. For example, if your living room is modern with as little color as possible, you may prefer something different than this accent pillow.

Argent Figure

To create an eye-catching display for your entryway’s console table or your dining room’s centerpiece, you can use the Argent Figure with polished silver ceramic in a ring shape! It brings a sleek finish that will work well in a modern and contemporary aesthetic while also instantly impressing your friends and family. What could be better than that?!

Cosmic 5’ x 8’ Area Rug

With the number of area rugs available for you to shop online, finding one like the Cosmic 5’ x 8’ Area Rug with free shipping makes it easy to decorate your home. Let’s say you’re in a studio with no visual way to set your rooms apart. You can use this area rug to separate your dining room from your living room for example! Or, you can place it under your coffee table to emphasize your studio’s living area. Hey, if you’re not in a studio, this rug’s versatile design is still easy to match to a modern or contemporary home with a size that is not too big!

Character # Side Table

Do you want your home decor to be a part of the latest trends? The Character # Side Table can be combined with other letters and characters so you can create your favorite combination, which you’ll find here. Whether it’s #LOVE to #OMG, your options are endless! A side table like this can also be the centerpiece of your living room or you could use it in your bedroom as a nightstand. And remember, free shipping once again!

Shaylee 5’ x 7’ Area Rug

Do you prefer neutral colors in your home, especially when it comes to decorating each room? With a white area rug like the Shaylee 5’ x 7’ Area Rug, there will be no hesitation for you, especially since it ships free. It’s also plush and soft, making it that much more comforting to have in your living room by your sofa as you’re spending your time relaxing.

Brumal Table Lamp

With a lamp like the Brumal Table Lamp, it’s more about making a statement than bringing more lighting to your home with triangles cut to create a trendy look. It brings a unique modern design that your home might be missing and all you have to do is add it to your cart for free shipping! If you do care more about the lighting, you can use this table lamp on a side table in your living room to enhance the mood or on your nightstand so you can read at night.

Luca White Accent Pillow

An accent pillow like the Luca White Accent Pillow can be perfect for you to tie in the colors you already have in your bedroom or living room. Let’s say you have a navy blue sofa and living room chairs. The simple white tone of this accent pillow can bring the contrast you need! Take advantage of its free shipping too!

Physique Acrylic Wall Art

Last but not least, the Physique Acrylic Wall Art is another free shipping item that we think you’ll love! As you can see in the image above, the wall art perfectly executes a pop of color to offset a home that might be focused on neutral tones of black, gray, and white. It will be memorable to use a wall art like this one on a console table in your entryway too so it’s the first thing your guests see when they enter your home!

Now that you have seen some of our items that are offering free shipping, it’s now easy to decorate your home and get more with an El Dorado Furniture shopping experience that is effortless! Let us know what pieces are your favorite by leaving a comment below too!

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