Guide to a Style: Rustic Style

Hey there! We are excited to introduce to you a new series of blog posts on design styles that we will be working on pretty frequently. Each blog post will be a guide to a different style! For our first blog post, it will be a guide to a style: rustic. This guide will help you understand how to integrate rustic furniture and accessories into your home so you can create a rustic decor!

What is rustic style?

Farmhouse, country, rustic, shabby chic, whatever you do end up calling it, rustic style is all about creating a natural look in your home. This means rustic furniture uses natural materials and raw woods to create a décor that is rugged and charming so it’s warm and beautiful and reminds you of the outdoors. You can envision rustic design as something you would see in a log cabin, maybe at a country farm or even in an antique setting. It helps you create a relaxing vibe.

Join us below as we go over different materials, hues, and furniture pieces that we think will give you a better idea of how to design a rustic home!

Rustic Materials

For this section, you’re going to learn more about materials such as wood and stone. There are also fabrics that give that rustic appearance too!


Because there is such an emphasis on that natural look, wood is really the perfect choice. Since there are different types of finishes when it comes to wood, you’re going to be looking for a solid wood or reclaimed wood that has a distressed look. It will probably have a grainy texture and give an appearance that is worn. This is because you’re achieving that rugged feeling of nature!

Look at this close-up of the the headboard of the Brownsville King Storage Bed, which is made of Asian hardwood and veneers in a warm walnut brown with a finish that is distressed in its own way. Do you get what we mean now? It only makes sense to get large wood pieces so that they’ll stand out!


Stone is another natural element you can use to set up a rustic style in your home. For example, think about a stone coffee table in your living room mixed with other natural accessories and furniture. You’ve got a complete look going for you!

Look at how the Modern Universe Nightstand mixes distressed solid hardwood together with a stone top! It’s fresh and inviting.


Fabrics like linen or polyester give off a relaxed feel that fits in with a rustic home. You’ll tend to see side chairs for your dining room that are neutral based so they’re cream or tan to match well with any wood furniture you have. You’ll find yourself with a rustic décor before you know it!

Look at the Inland Mist Rocking Chair. A rocking chair alone gives you that farmhouse type of feel but this one has textured polyester and a distressed wood frame so it’s truly ready for your rustic setting.

You can also complement a rustic style with fabric like leather or animal hide. The Krava Brown Accent Chair has both leatherette and cowhide, bringing out a warm brown look that makes your rustic space even cozier.


By creating such a simple natural look for a rustic style, there are going to be ideal wall colors for you to use. This is because the colors you choose should not be too loud or bright or else they might disrupt the relaxing rustic style you have going on. You want a color scheme that keeps the ambiance natural. So, these colors include gorgeous neutral tones such as clean white, slate gray, and driftwood green! You can see these paint colors below.

Rustic Accessories

Creating a rustic décor is more than just adding rustic furniture. You have to take accent pieces into consideration too!

I mean, come on, the Tolima Bowl Sculpture is literally perfect. The unique solid teak wood makes this sculpture a one of a kind item that came from the outdoors so it’s 100% rustic.

The Beau Plant is also easy to add. Even though it’s a faux plant, you’re bringing in nature to a setting that has wood and other components, only enhancing the rustic décor further!

If you want to bring a different fabric to contrast well with the distressed wood furniture you already have in your home, why not think about adding the Josephine Accent Pillow? It has all the texture you need and it’s in a dark pink so it won’t clash.

Then there’s the Ameera Candle Holder, out here looking like an actual tree branch so your home really becomes one with nature.

Rustic Furniture Pieces

In this section, we’re sharing lifestyle images of Carpentry Bedroom Set , Summer Creek 5-Piece Formal Dining Set , Hudson Cream 5-Piece Formal Dining Set , and Santa Fe Corner Nook Set w/Bench with you for rustic style so you can leave this blog with a better idea of how rustic design can come to life in your home by bringing the outside inside. We hope this is helpful for you!

Now that you have seen the materials, hues, accessories, and furniture, you now have the ultimate guide to rustic style. If you think this style is for you and you end up making a purchase, share how your home looks with us on Instagram with the hashtag #MYEDFHome !

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