How Furniture Helps Your Morning Ritual

We’ve all read about the habits of successful people. They wake up early, they exercise, they read, they meditate, and have an amazing morning ritual. And each of them swears they’re critical for their success in the long term.

But these lists don’t mention how their environment supports those habits. How good is their bed? Is the yoga room filled with stacks of papers? Our home environment affects our mood, thoughts, and productivity, and furniture is a big part of our homes. It has a huge effect on building and maintaining good habits.

Let’s look at some examples of how furniture can help guarantee a successful morning ritual.

1.Wake Up Early—From The Right Mattress.

Every high achiever agrees that waking up early—between 4:30 and 5:30 in the morning—is an important part of their success. They have control over what they done so they can work on what matters to them.

But a productive morning needs a good night’s rest on the right mattress. We have guides on how to choose a mattress online, and how to find the right comfort level. The right mattress will have you feeling fresh, energized, and ready to tackle an early morning.

Remember that a mattress is an investment. You’ll spend a long time sleeping on it until it makes sense to buy a new one. Make sure you aim towards the higher end of your budget for the best sleep you can.

2. Journal, Reflect, and Plan—In The Right Surroundings.

You may have heard that journaling at the end of the day is a good way to relax. But many high-achievers start the day by writing down their objectives to focus their attention. They may write down a mantra or a power phrase to stimulate their minds.

Sticking to this habit will be easier if you choose the right chair.

We use (and love!) the Arsenio Blue office chairs. For a more traditional office, you may prefer the Marconi Gray desk chair. If you’re journaling to follow the footsteps of great men and women, then the Kayu desk chair will help you get in touch with your idols.

But it’s not only about the chair. You need to sit in a place that brings you calm and focus. If it’s cold, raining, or just not too green outside, adding greenery like the Cale and Hertase White flower arrangements can warm up the room.

3. Meditate – On The Right Surface.

Science has proven the cognitive benefits of meditation. People who meditate for just 10 to 20 minutes a day feel less stressed, more focused, are more creative, in control of their emotions, and happier.

Most of us are familiar with mindful meditation. We sit, breathe and quiet our minds with each breath. Sitting on cushions or accent pillows like the Okru Blue Accent Pillows helps maintain good posture and protects your back.

Those who have to move can practice walking meditation, taking slow steps during each inhale and exhale. You take as many steps as you need to during each portion of the breath, focusing on the sole of your foot. After 10 or 12 steps, you turn around, walk back to the start, and repeat.

Hyperkinetic sorts can walk around shapes at a natural walking speed. Fast walkers walk small cycles, and slow walkers walk larger cycles.

If walking meditation is for you, an area rug will warm your feet and outline a path to follow on your walks. Area rugs like the Cosmic, Grace, and Cosmo Blue are soft, and have soothing colors.

Both body and mind rest while we’re sleeping, but meditation is like a massage for the brain. It’s an important part of any morning ritual.

4. Cuddle With Loved Ones – In Bed, On A Sofa, A Loveseat…Anywhere!

Humans are social creatures. Even introverts need to spend time with close friends and family members, albeit for less time. One of the best ways to strengthen relationships with your partner or your children is to cuddle with them, whether it’s on a couch like the Milane II sofa, or a loveseat like the Cantrall Gray. Not only does cuddling improve sleep, which is important for productivity in general, it strengthens immunity and reduces stress, which means you have more energy to devote to your goals.

But the benefits of cuddling extend far beyond a boost to our productivity. When we cuddle, we trigger chemical reactions in the brain that strengthen our relationships.

A Harvard study by Robert Waldinger, director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, showed that the quality of people’s relationships is a much better predictor of their overall health than checking their cholesterol levels. Cuddling is great for your productivity, and your health in general.

And why not be comfortable while you cuddle? Choose a mattress like this ProAdapt Soft Queen Memory Foam Mattress to make sure both your heart and body are in great shape!

Truth be told, this is a good routine for the end of the day too. But as a morning ritual , this is sure to get you started on the right foot every time. Furniture is an important component of our environment, which in turn affects our productivity. If any of the featured pieces caught your eye or you’d like to find furniture that supports your morning routine, be sure to check our online store, or visit a store near you to get personalized help from one of our sales associates.

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