How to Choose Wall Art for Your Home

In between a staircase and porch door, a dimensional wall art features rainbow-colored butterflies in a circular flock pattern, hanging over a wooden table. There are two gray swivel chairs and a small ottoman located in the foreground.

With Miami Art Week still fresh on our minds, let’s bring that sense of wonder, creativity and magic into your home. Wall art is a great way to do so. No one piece is the same, and each has the ability to evoke a different feeling in every person. Not to mention that a single artwork can make or break an entire room. (No pressure!)

Choosing art for your home can be challenging, but it can also be extremely rewarding to watch how colors, patterns and textures transform a space. That’s why we’re taking you step by step, so you can choose a piece that inspires you.

1. Check Your Available Wall Space

First things first, location. Where will this piece of wall art live? Understanding your placement options will help you choose the right size for a specific space. 

If it’s going in the living room or dining room, consider a large-scale piece, something that will demand attention and make an impact on guests. 

If it’s going in the bathroom or corner nook, a large piece might not be the best choice as it can make a space feel overwhelming and cluttered. Instead, look for smaller pieces that create a focal point without disrupting the ambiance. 

2. Consider Your Options

Before shopping, do a little research on the type of wall art available. Here, we’re breaking down our top three options: canvas, acrylic and dimensional. 

The most popular of three, canvas wall art adds a pop of character to your space without breaking the bank. Images are printed on canvas and stretched across a wooden frame, mimicking the old-fashioned, textured look of photographs.

Acrylic wall art is known for its visual depth. Prints are sealed in acrylic sheets and protective coating, preserving the richness of its colors. This polished, glossy finish resembles that of a high-end gallery, so you can make a vibrant statement instantly.

If you love drama, dimensional wall art is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends. Its three-dimensional shape adds layers and interest to any room, turning heads and captivating guests from every angle.

3. Match Your Style

When choosing wall art, it’s important to find pieces of art that complement your interior design style and color scheme.  

If your home is primarily modern with soothing neutrals, select wall art that not only enhances your clean aesthetic, but also adds contrast with bold blues, reds and yellows.  

Conversely, if your home is bursting with color and eclectic home décor, you might want to consider more muted tones or black and white pieces to establish a sense of balance within your space.

4. Choose Your Arrangement

Just like there are plenty of artwork options and styles available, there are also plenty of ways to arrange them in your home. 

If you prefer to show off multiple pieces at once, hang art side by side or stack them to create your very own gallery wall. A collage of large and small pieces will certainly allow you to show off your unique style.   

You can also choose to focus on a solo piece. Whether it’s an abstract design or realistic painting, find your muse and make it the center of attention. 

5. Tap into the Magic of Self-Expression

At the end of the day, choosing art is all about expressing yourself. It should be a source of inspiration and happiness in your life. 

So when you’re browsing wall art pieces, ask yourself: How does this piece make me feel? Does it showcase my personality? Does it speak to who I am? 

Remember that your home is a reflection of you. Don’t be afraid to break the rules, challenge your style and create something unforgettable.

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