How To Decorate For The Holidays

Blue and gold ornaments with tan background

When the holiday season is the best time of the year, it’s hard to even know what our favorite part is, whether it’s holiday movies, family traditions, or cozying up by the fire. And with all the time we’re spending at home nowadays, there’s no better time to make every room festive with cozy and inviting decorations. We’re excited for you to see how the holiday decorating ideas we’ve put together will be easy to add to your home!

Turn Up The Music.

Soundbar and brown fireplace in lifestyle setting
Product shown: Matera Electric Fireplace

Yes, we mean it. An essential part of getting into the holiday spirit is playing holiday music, whether you started listening right after Halloween or just a few days ago! Play your favorite holiday tunes throughout your home, in the car on your drive to work/home, or if you’re working from home, play them in a different room so that your home has the ambiance of your favorite holiday songs. We recommend checking out Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music for top-rated holiday music playlists. 

It’s All About The Colors.

Black sofa, white coffee table, blue chair, rug, and wall art in collage setting by El Dorado Furniture
Products shown: Conrad Accent Chair, Jay Dark Gray Leather Power Reclining Sectional, Cali Round Coffee Table w/Casters, Euphoria Wall Art

Decide on colors that are perfect for this time of the year, such as next year’s color of the year, consisting of deep blues, teals, silvers, and golds. Stick to only one or two of these colors so you have a cohesive color scheme throughout your home. 

For When You First Walk Inside.

Brown buffet, silver bowl, blue wall art, clear candle holders, and blue rug in lifestyle setting
Products shown: Snow Bowl, Lucian Candle Holders, Strap Canvas Wall Art, Chic Blue Area Rug

First impressions are everything, and the same goes for the entrance of your home. In your entryway, you can add seasonal touches to bring joy to the holidays.

The perfect way to add quick decorations is by focusing on your console table. Decide on your primary color, whether it’s blue, gold, or silver, and then you can pick accessories from there. Next, you can add elements to the console table that remind us of the holidays such as candleholders, decorative bowls, scented candles, and more. 

For The Heart Of The Home, Your Living Room:

White sofa, blue rug, blue wall art, white fireplace, blue accent pillow, blue bottles, gray coffee table, silver planter, and blue throw blanket in collage setting by El Dorado Furniture
Products shown: Totem White Electric Fireplace, Luca Blue Accent Pillow, Klara Blue Bottles, Eve Blue Throw Blanket, Davis 2.0 Leather Power Reclining Sectional, Chic Blue Area Rug, Quatre Canvas Wall Art, Calypso Gray Coffee Table

Dress Up Your Tree.

An instant way to start a holiday theme in your living room is by adding your favorite ornaments to a Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush. You can use the tree’s primary decorative color to resemble the same touches of color throughout the room.

Tie In the Color Theme.

If you have an accent chair that isn’t the holiday color theme you have picked out, you can instead add a throw blanket and accent pillow to your existing chair to bring in the matching holiday color.

If you are planning to get a new accent chair, the color of your chair should instantly remind you of the same color theme as your holiday tree. Once you have your chair picked out, look for the same color for the rug and accent pillows for your leather sofa. Using the same color theme makes the whole room look consistent!

P.S. You might not have to swap out your holiday color when the holidays are over! If you have a gray leather sofa with accent pillows and a rug in a deep blue tone, these accent pieces can be used year-round, as this color is neutral and doesn’t only remind us of the holidays. 

Any bright red accent pieces are dominant in color, so they would have to be changed out for something more mellow after the holiday season.

Make It Cozy. 

A fireplace is a key element of the holidays, creating a warm and cozy environment for your friends and family to spend time together. 

Throw in candleholders and a blanket and you’ve got the coziest living room of all!

Timing Is Everything.

A floor clock is always a statement piece and it can be kept in your living room for every holiday, reminiscing on memories for the past, present, and future.

Upgrade Your Cocktail Hour.

White bar, blue vases, blue bowl, and blue sculpture in collage setting by El Dorado Furniture
Products shown: Nostran White Bar, Spume Glass Vase, Skylar Glass Vase, Vague Bleue Sculpture, Felicity Glass Bowl

You can decorate your bar in a palette that complements your home’s holiday color theme. Simply add ornaments and small bowls or trays to the countertops and shelves of your bar!

Where Every Meal Is Made.

The star of the show is also the kitchen, where we spend a lot of our time. It’s as simple as adding trays that are the same tone as your holiday color theme.

Spruce Up Your Dining Table For Success.

Brown dining table, brown chairs, brown cabinets, and blue bowl in collage setting by El Dorado Furniture
Products shown: Shades of Blue Glass Bowl, Matera Dining Set

An elegant way to bring decorations for Christmas to your home is with your dining table. 

Trays, candleholders, and bowls make great centerpieces, which you can use to easily add your holiday color scheme to the dining room. 

Make Your Bedroom Feel Right At Home.

Gray bed, gray nightstand, white tray, blue chaise, gray chest of drawers, and blue rug in collage setting
Products shown: Dubai Blue Chaise, Emerson White Tray, Glamour Blue 5′ x 8′ Area Rug, Valery Bedroom Set

Your bedroom is where you rest at the end of the day, so the design of your room should instantly feel relaxing which you can still do with a holiday theme in mind!

Start By Decorating Other Parts of Your Room. 

To bring your home’s holiday color scheme to your bedroom, you can start with a rug in the same color and then add ribbons to your table lamps and leaner mirror for a festive touch.

When You’re Ready To Focus On Decorating Your Bed…

Look for a tray and accent pillows that are the same palette as your rug. The same can be said for your dresser, where you can add that color with candle holders and bowls on top.

And if you have a reading corner, consider an accent chair that matches the color theme of the tray, pillows, rug, and accessories. If you don’t have an accent chair in your holiday color yet, you can still accomplish the same look by finding a throw blanket and accent pillow in that color and adding it to the chair that’s already in your bedroom.

Decorate Your Walls.

Gray and white table lamp, blue bottles, gold deer, and multicolor wall art in lifestyle setting
Products shown: Klara Blue Bottles, Afters Canvas Wall Art, Cashel Table Lamp

If you don’t want to add a bunch of accessories to your home, you can simply turn your walls into the main decoration.

Keep the blue, gold, and silver colors in mind, just like the Afters Canvas Wall Art comes to life above! And if you like the color scheme of this wall art so much that you don’t want to take it down when the holidays come to an end, it can be kept around all year long.

Now that we have given you tips on how to decorate for the holidays, we’re excited to see how your holiday decorations look! You can shop 24/7 at our online store or visit a showroom near you in St. Pete, Tampa, Miami, Broward, Ft. Myers, West Palm Beach, and Naples. Feel free to tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #myedfhome for a chance to be featured on our account.

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