Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the stress in your life and need a few minutes to yourself? We all know what that feeling is like; it is best to slow down, catch your breath, and organize your tasks for the day. In addition, you can meditate, which is when the following happens: “think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, as a method of relaxation” (Google Search). Meditating allows you to focus on your breathing and make positivity a priority.


According to Live and Dare, there are up to 76 benefits for meditation if you make this exercise a routine in everyday life.  Some of these benefits are the following:

  • Increases mental strength and focus
  • Improves immune system and energy level
  • Improves breathing and heart rates
  • Helps develop positive social connections
  • Lessens anxiety, worry, impulsivity
  • Better decision-making and problem-solving
  • Increases memory retention and recall
  • Better cognitive skills and creative thinking
  • Lessens stress, fear, loneliness, depression
  • Enhances self-esteem and self-acceptance

To begin the meditating process, you must create your own meditation spot in your home. In a blog post by The Art of Living, Pritika Nair recommends a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Use a room that faces an open scenic setting. This spot can be in your living room by a window, allowing you to bring natural light in for an inviting experience. If you have to use another room that does not have this benefit, “you can always be creative and decorate the room to create a nature-like setting.”
Valery Queen Platform Bed
  1. Keep your spot clean. Nair emphasizes that keeping your spot clean contributes to your mind being relaxed during meditation. Make sure you keep your corner clutter-free as well.
  2. Use pastel shades. These shades “give a more soothing feel compared to dark or bright colors.” The openness of soft colors facilitates the meditation process.
  3. Put your phone away. A main focus of meditation is to allow yourself to unwind and forget about the stress in your life. In essence, Nair states that “the whole idea is to disconnect for a few minutes so that you can connect with the world better when you get back.”

In the following video, you will see our very own Anjo Meditation Chair.  This chair is an essential addition to your meditation spot.

You will see three positions which include meditating, reading, and using technology.

  • Meditating

The ergonomic seat design of the meditation chair focuses on support for your lower back, feet, knees, etc. In addition, the performance fabric of this chair has a real leather look and feel of a top-grain pebble texture for a comfortable beginning to the meditation process. By meditating, you begin relieving pressure from parts of your body as well as clearing your mind from your stressful to-do list. Simply close your eyes, slow down your breathing, and allow yourself to relax. Make sure to have good posture and loosen your muscles, especially the ones around your jaw. By doing this, you allow your body to let go and focus on a tranquil setting.

  • Reading

You can even read your favorite book or magazine while maintaining your posture for a relaxing experience. The ultimate support of the chair allows this activity to be productive for you. Take your time reading and allow your mind to escape reality for a little while.

  • Using technology

Using technology while sitting in this chair is also possible. Use a side table for additional support and begin surfing the web. You can watch your favorite show, shop online, and organize your tasks.

In essence, meditation can be a vital addition to your life. Engaging in these three activities improves your stress levels and distracts your mind even it is for a short period of time. We hope you will consider meditation as a daily activity in your home.

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