What Furniture Piece Matches Your Astrology Sign?

Find Out Which Piece Matches Your Zodiac Sign’s Vibe.

We wanted to have a bit of fun by answering the question, what furniture piece matches your astrology sign? Each astrology sign is unique in its own way which means the furniture or accessory you add will not always be the same. It’s something worth exploring so we have each astrology sign for you below paired with a single accessory or piece of furniture. See how your sign matches!

Aries: As an Aries, your astrology sign means you’re fiery and passionate. So, you might want intense and bright colors to match your strong personality as a fire sign. It’s why we are recommending the Crandon Red Sofa in a crimson red!

Taurus: A Taurus is drawn to comfort so they’re seeking relaxation which can also be found with earthy and natural components in a home. We think furniture like the Rachael Ray’s Cinema King Platform Bed creates that relaxing, stylish vibe.

Gemini: For the sign, Gemini, socializing is a priority for you. You’re also someone who cares about the latest trends. With a trendy sectional sofa like the Francine Gray Sectional Sofa, it gives you a space to socialize with your friends and family.

Cancer: A Cancer wants comfort, for themselves and the people they love. Items in their home will be warm and comfortable which is perfectly shown with the Kim Gray Power Reclining Sectional, in a soft performance fabric.

Leo: As a Leo, you’re creative and love luxury. This means you may even want furniture in your home that has fiery or gold colors. It’s why we have bedroom furniture like the London Place King Panel Bed for you, a luxurious bed in champagne with a design that can be the center of attention.

Virgo: A Virgo pays attention to detail and wants everything in their home to be clean and put together, combining practicality with usefulness. We’re recommending living room furniture like the Toronto White Leather Power Reclining Sofa w/Right Chaise that not only has a clean look but functions with reclining options!

Libra: Libras have a strong sense of balance so they would love to have a matching look in their home. This astrology sign can also be down to change up a home’s style. With a set of table lamps like the Wren Set of 2 Table Lamps, it’s a quick change that balances out other styles.

Scorpio: As a Scorpio, your home is your favorite place to retreat to as you enjoy your privacy. Darker colors will help you bring a contrast to your home with something powerful and strong that goes along with your deep emotions like the Physique Wall Art

Sagittarius: As a Sagittarius, you’re a traveler and an adventurer, with a vision for your life. You’ll apply this to your home’s style with something colorful, like the Brooklyn IV Acrylic Wall Art, reminding you of your travels.

Capricorn: A Capricorn tends to be practical with a focus on things that are useful, so your goal is to create a home that is comfortable and organized so it’s easy to maintain. With the Matera Bookcase, it helps you keep everything in place in your home office.

Aquarius: An Aquarius never wants to feel restricted, so they have a unique vision for their home that’s truly their own personality. We see you adding eclectic furniture like the Tutti Frutti Blue Accent Chair!

Pisces: A Pisces is a daydreamer with a big imagination. This astrology sign will dream up a plan for their home, so they can bring their imagination to life with accent tables like the Character Side Tables, which can be used to create their favorite combination. These tables even offer special characters like # so you can say #OMG.

Now that you have seen how all twelve astrology signs apply to pieces of furniture, you can see how your horoscope sign matches! If you feel inspired to get new furniture that fits your astrology sign, definitely let us know by sharing it on Instagram with #MyEDFHome and we could feature your account!

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