What Type of Bed Frame is Best For You?

Queen Panel Bed

Buying a new bed frame can be a big investment. Quality frames are built to last, and most consumers plan on keeping their bed frames for years to come. With so many sizes, varying structural builds & materials, styles & designs, buying your new bed frame can be daunting. Let us guide you through this new purchase with all the information and resources you’ll need.  

Top Things to Consider Before Buying a Bed Frame

Before you begin looking for the perfect bed frame, here are a few things to consider:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • What size bed will you need? What size bed would you like? 
  • Do you have a preference in bed frame height?
  • Does the bed frame structure you prefer require a box spring?
  • Which kind of style best suits your aesthetic?
  • Which design provides you with the function you need?

Bed Frame Sizes

Maximizing your overall comfort is key to getting a good night’s sleep, and it all starts with the right bed frame size. This will depend on a few factors: whether it’s for a single sleeper or couple, the height of the sleepers and their preferred sleeping style. We’re breaking down the five different bed frame sizes you can choose from when selecting a new bed.

Twin Bed Frames

Frame Dimensions: 40-43in x 77-80in

Pros: Great for small spaces and single sleepers

Cons: Not ideal for tall individuals or sleepers who like to stretch out

A twin size bed is a good choice for a single sleeper in a small room. The suggested minimum room size for a twin bed is 7ft x 10ft.

Twin XL Bed Frames

Frame Dimensions: 40-43in x 82-85in

Pros: Great for small spaces and provides single sleepers more leg room

Cons: Not ideal for couples or sleepers who like to stretch out

A twin XL bed is ideal for single sleepers in smaller rooms while also providing a bit more length for taller individuals. The suggested minimum room size for a twin XL bed is 7ft x 10.5ft.

Full Bed Frames

Frame Dimensions: 56-59in x 77-80in

Pros: Gives single sleepers more space to stretch out

Cons: Not ideal for tall individuals and a tight fit for couples 

A full (sometimes called a double) is meant for single sleepers who need more space to stretch out when they sleep. They are the same length as a twin, making them less ideal for tall individuals. The suggested minimum room size for a full bed is 9.5ft x 10.5ft.

Queen Bed Frames

Frame Dimensions: 62-65in x 82-85in

Pros: Great fit for most couples without taking up too much space

Cons: Not ideal for tall individuals or couples that like to stretch out

Queen sized beds are the most popular size for many individual sleepers as well as couples. They provide enough length and width for a comfortable night’s rest. The suggested minimum room size for a queen bed is 10ft x 10ft.

King Bed Frames

Frame Dimensions: 78-81in x 82-85in

Pros: Provides ample space for couples who like to stretch out 

Cons: Not ideal for tall individuals and requires a large bedroom 

King size beds are the largest bed frame size available and provide plenty of space for couples as well as parents who co-sleep with their child. The suggested minimum room size for a king size bed is 12ft x 12ft. 

Bed Frame Types

Bed frame types can be described by their structure, materials, style and design. 

Bed Frame Structures

Some bed frames are built (structured) in a way that doesn’t require a box spring mattress which can save you money in the long run. Bed frames can also be made at various heights; some lower to and higher up from the ground. Tall individuals may prefer a frame that is higher off the ground as it means less bending. 

Standard Bed Frame

This refers to a traditional frame with four legs that lift the bed off the ground. Standard frames usually require a box spring, and they are also referred to as mattress foundations. 

Platform Bed Frame

Platform bed frames are great for minimalists who are looking for a low profile bed. Floating platform beds are also an option, these beds are set up in a unique way that makes them appear to be floating. Platform beds do not require a box spring, allowing you to set any mattress directly on top of the wooden platform.

Adjustable Bed Frame

Adjustable bed frames have bases that operate with a motor. The motor moves two main parts: the sleeping surface (holds the mattress) and joints (allows the base to change position).

Common Bed Frame Materials

Bed frames are made from a wide range of materials to achieve your desired look and feel. Many bed frames are constructed from wood and/or metal and can be covered in fabric (upholstered bed frame) or leather (leather bed frame). Metal is considered to be one of the most durable types of bed frame and can be easily cleaned while wood beds tend to be made with thicker material and better stability supports. If you’re leaning toward a more modern or contemporary style, you may also want to look into fabric-covered or leather-wrapped frame headboards.

Bed Frame Styles

Bed frame styles can include traditional, contemporary, modern, coastal and transitional. Your bed style should complement your home and existing bedroom furniture – unless you’re purchasing an entire bedroom set. In that case, you’ll have free range to reinvent your style and create the room of your dreams from start to finish 

Bed Frame Designs

In addition to the style, the design of your bed frame can transform a space instantly. Fortunately, buyers have a seemingly endless selection of designs to choose from. 

Some of the most popular bed designs include:


Built to resemble a sleigh (sled), this bed frame has a curved headboard and footboard. Sometimes sleigh beds will also have raised side panels.  


Wingback bed frames have unique headboards that have small “wings” on the sides. 

Popular for younger sleepers:

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds consist of bed frames stacked on top of each other with a ladder for easy access to the top bunk. The most common bunk beds have two frames, but they can be made with three. 

Loft Beds

Features an elevated bed frame with open space underneath. This space can be used as a study space or lounge area. 

Space-saving bed frames:

Trundle Beds

Trundle beds have a rolling platform meant for stowing away a second mattress for a second sleeper. This helps clear up some space during the day. 

Murphy Beds

These beds are meant for small spaces and are hinged to the wall on one side. Murphy beds can be pulled down at night to sleep on and pushed up during the day for more living space. 

Multi-function furniture with bed frame:

Sleeper Sofas

These couches typically feature a pull out sleeper bed and often offer extra storage for pillows, blankets, and more.


Originally from Japan, futons are a type of sofa that feature a simple folding mechanism. This allows you to lay a large cushion down flat onto the frame for sleeping or keep it upright for lounging.


Daybeds are generally smaller bed frames with a lower profile mattress that can double as extra sleeping space when needed.

Find the Right Bed Frame For You

When you’re ready to start shopping for your bed frame, we have you covered. With over 50 years of experience, El Dorado Furniture helps you find the best furniture for your home. Find your new bed frame today!  

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