Your Home Bar: Big Game

Although the holidays are behind us, maybe they gave you a chance to think about what is missing from your home when you have friends and family members over. Do you have a place to make entertaining easier for happy hour? If you don’t, then a home bar may be something to consider to be ready for any social occasion as well as the holidays next year and hey, the Big Game is tomorrow too. In a blog post by Freshome, it is emphasized that you can “create a space that’s original, functional and attractive enough to become the centerpiece of your at-home entertaining.” A home bar gives you the chance to create a bar area without leaving the comfort of your home and it’s where your friends will want to come for socializing, maybe even to meet new people.

Additionally, a blog post by Ty Pennington, mentions how a bar can free up space in your kitchen because “when you’re entertaining, your guests tend to gravitate to where food and drinks are being served.” A kitchen can get crowded so a home bar is another area to use for appetizers and drinks. Please join us below as we go over bars and stools for you to choose from!

Nostran White Bar

At first glance, the Nostran White Bar fits in with a modern or contemporary décor with its clean white design. This home bar can also be placed against any wall, especially important for you if free space is a concern so you can envision this piece better in your home for the Big Game, house parties, and happy hour. Next, what is most noticeable is all the storage. When it’s that time to entertain, there is open storage for wine and cocktail glasses as well as bottle storage for both wine and spirits. Your bar area will be the talk of the town!

Xenia Black Bar

If you only tend to have a few guests over at a time, perhaps for a football game or a small cocktail hour, you may prefer the Xenia Black Bar. It’s a much smaller piece than the Nostran White Bar but with the same modern presence you want to add to your home. There is a glass top where you can place glasses and bottles during times of entertainment and when you want to store the rest when not in use, the inside of this bar has shelves and a wine glass rack so it’s easy to tuck everything away.

Matera Bar Cabinet

When space is really limited and you definitely cannot create a bar area, you can simply add a cabinet like the Matera Bar Cabinet shown above. This bar cabinet can be a part of your living room if you are already having conversations with friends on your sofa or you can integrate it into your dining room for easy access during meals. This piece keeps all your necessities in one place and looks beautiful when closed, so it matches your home with a modern Italian look. When opened, you will notice that you can neatly put away all your wine bottles, glasses, and serving items.

Broadway Bar Cart

If you tend to entertain in a few different rooms in your own home, then a bar cart may be your best choice. Freshome explains a bar cart’s importance as it is a way “to create a bar area and showcase specialty liquors, and it can be easily moved to different places in your home to serve different purposes (or parties).” This type of piece is also perfect for a small apartment or studio as it never takes up much space at all. We are recommending the Broadway Bar Cart, an art deco kind of piece that has shelves for drinks and bottles while the wheels are what make this piece so easy to move around.

Last but not least, bar stools are essential components to creating your bar area. By adding stools, it creates a place for guests to sit back comfortably and socialize with others. You can place these stools right around your bar so it’s an easy integration of furnishings.

Santa Fe Swivel Bar Stool

If you want your home bar to have a rustic vibe, then the Santa Fe Swivel Bar Stool might be your perfect match. Besides its attractive design, the bar stool also has a seat that is smooth and durable so comfort and unexpected spills will never be an issue. You can also rest your feet so you can truly unwind with beverages and appetizers nearby.

Brisa White Adjustable Stool

The Brisa White Adjustable Stool has pure white upholstery that is soft to the touch so you and your guests can spend a great deal of time sitting without getting uncomfortable. This stool is also great in the case that you aren’t sure what height is best as you can adjust it easily and swivel when you are turning around to continue conversations with friends.

Now that you have a vision for a home bar with our selections of bars and stools, right now can be the best time to create your very own bar area, right before the Big Game. After you have made your purchase, we would love for you to share photos with us of your home on Instagram, using the hashtag #myEDFhome for a chance to be featured!

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