4 Fireplaces to Warm up Your Home

Although cold days are pretty rare living in Florida, it’s always a great idea to have a place to warm up in your home, especially as you unwind after a long work day or spend a Sunday with family. It may have never even crossed your mind to consider a faux fireplace!

In colder climates, fireplaces are synonymous with warmth and have modern or brick details that make a living space more inviting with style. With our selection of electric fireplaces, it’s a lovely way for you to make this possible for a living room or entertainment center set-up. A blog post by Cozy by the Fire mentions the versatility of an electric fireplace’s design: “the decor and design possibilities of electric fireplaces are almost infinite. It is virtually certain you can find a fireplace to meet your homes’ existing decor while creating a fashion-forward focal point for any room.” An electric fireplace is also typically smaller and less maintenance than adding an actual fireplace and you can use one year-round. We are excited for you to join us as we emphasize four of our faux fireplaces that will be vital for warming up your home this winter! For the full selection on our website, click here: https://www.eldoradofurniture.com/accent-furniture/fireplaces/

The Enterprise Electric Fireplace w/Speakers is a special piece as it not only keeps you warm but also has speakers so you can entertain your guests any time of the year, not just when it’s cold out. The walnut brown tone and modern design of this fireplace also go back to what we mentioned previously. It gives off an appealing look that can fit in with pieces you already have in your living room as part of your décor. The fireplace portion also looks realistic so you will be warming up by a piece that makes you feel right at home. Also, you can even make this piece a focal point by using it as a TV stand.

The Crystal Electric Fireplace w/Remote Control is what we see as a way to visibly change the look of your living room. Instead of buying a coffee table, side table, or console table to improve the style of this room, you can just add this fireplace instead! The mosaic glass inserts give this piece its personality with the added bonus of the fireplace that you will definitely be thankful for when you want to cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa on a cool winter night. Additionally, when it’s hot out and the last thing you want to do is turn on the heat, this electric fireplace can still be used with beautiful lighting that can set the mood of the room without getting hot.

Next up, we have the Isabel Gray Electric Fireplace. It’s for you if you would like to make a glamorous statement with a silver-toned design that will progress the style of your home. Essentially, all eyes will be on this piece. You can sit back in luxury as the fireplace portion heats the room. There are also drawers that fit DVDs or CDs so there is a chance you’re going to make this electric fireplace your entertainment center.

At first glance, the Amia Mirrored Electric Fireplace w/Remote Control looks perfect as a fireplace TV stand. For example, you might be inclined to add this piece to a small apartment or studio with all that essential storage for entertainment. Of course, if you do not want to make this electric fireplace into a multifunctional TV stand, you don’t have to. All you have to do is use a remote control to turn on the fireplace portion for that cozy warmth at any time.

It’s not always enjoyable being cold so it’s best to take advantage of South Florida’s version of “winter.” Remember, an electric fireplace will always have more than one purpose so it won’t just sit in your home for the rest of the year. We hope after exploring our selection above that you will consider a faux fireplace for your home now. If you decide to purchase one, we would love to see how it transforms your living room! Share your photos with us on Instagram with the hashtag #myEDFhome !

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