Top Trends: 2019

With 2019 here, you may be thinking about ways to update your home with fresh ideas. Bringing new looks to your space is something exciting to look forward to!  With the New Year comes new trends so we will be going over some of these trends below. We can’t wait to see what you think.

Before we begin our list of trends for 2019, we want you to remember something. With each suggestion we mention, don’t just purchase some of these trending pieces because you feel like your home is outdated; do it because you actually love the pieces.

Upholstered Beds

Upholstered beds add a sense of coziness to your bedroom. Different fabrics Hayneedle mentions as “colorful velvet, classic linen, or sumptuous leather” also bring flair to your bedroom’s design as there is versatility with plenty of styles to choose from. A bed is, of course, the focal point of any bedroom so using an upholstered bed with tufted details, for example, creates a gorgeous statement.

Park Avenue Cream Platform Bed

The Park Avenue Cream Platform Bed is what we have chosen to use as an example for trending upholstered beds. The linen fabric has a calming cream tone that can match your room but what stands out and creates the focal point is the large headboard that is button tufted. This bed can stand the test of time as its elegant design will not be out-of-date.

Geometric Patterns

We are seeing this trend mentioned consistently. Take an accent chair for example that is integrated into a corner of your living room with an eye-catching pattern. You can make a geometrically patterned piece stand out by pairing it with simple neutral-toned accent pieces like a minimalist side table. A bold statement to a room can also be done by simply adding geometric pattern accent pillows.

Joey Gray Accent Pillows

We chose to mention the Joey Gray Accent Pillows. The color theme is certainly simple but as we mentioned above, geometric patterns are one of the latest trends. The pattern of these pillows actually enhances the contemporary style to create a two-tone contrast that we see you adding to a sofa or bed that is plain in personality and needs something fun.

Gently Curved

The blog post from Hayneedle also emphasizes how gently curved pieces of furniture “beckon you to settle in and relax while adding a touch of vintage flair to your space.” Integrating a curved furniture theme into your home updates the aesthetic effortlessly too. For example, a neutral-toned traditionally shaped sofa is useful but with curves, it adds a sense of character to develop the style of the living room.

Baldo II Sofa

For this trend, we have the Baldo II Sofa as this piece is good for someone who is not trying to make a drastic décor change. Just imagine your modern living room with a soft to the touch sofa that is gently curved to bring just a touch of sophistication.

Matte Black

With the New Year here, the goal of adding a fresh look to your home is made easy with matte black furniture. If you appreciate minimalist style, you will most likely love adding matte black pieces to your home décor style as it is a more relaxed appeal than something that is glossy or high-shine.

Lily Round Dining Table

The Lily Round Dining Table is the essence of matte black furniture to add to your décor. With a glass top and metal base that are simple in nature, the matte finish softens the contemporary style to add a serene touch to a smaller sized dining room.

Natural Materials

To create a calming atmosphere in your home, more natural materials are going to be a trend this year. Focus on simply designed pieces of furniture made of a material such as wood or stone to bring elements of the outdoors to your space with a stylish expression of beauty.

Montana Gray Coffee Table

Check out the video below for close-ups of the Montana Gray Coffee Table, made of gray solid teak wood to create a one of a kind look that simply updates the trend of your living room. Your home will feel like a part of nature for a relaxing ambiance you might have been missing.

Ghost Nightstand

From first glance, the Ghost Nightstand has natural components that make it unquestionably gorgeous.  We included this bedside table because its gray wood construction is enhanced with a smooth natural concrete top that we can envision emphasizing the simplicity of your bedroom, especially if you are into industrial style.

Acrylic Furniture

If you are a modern style enthusiast, acrylic furniture is what you might want. The all-clear design provides a versatile design that can make a room feel more open too, very helpful in a small space such as a studio or a one or two bedroom apartment. 

Miami Beach Natural Console Table & Miami Beach Natural Dining Table

The Miami Beach Natural Console Table & Miami Beach Natural Dining Table are exactly what we see someone adding to their home, especially with a living room division close by as you can see in the image above. The clear acrylic legs and tops of both pieces certainly make the room feel bigger and are mixed with wood for someone who is attracted to a rustic influence.

Julie Clear Adjustable Stool

The Julia Clear Adjustable Stool is another example we have of acrylic furniture. This stool is almost entirely made of acrylic and if you are a fan of modern design, then a few of these can be added to your home to have an updated trend that you truly love. 

Velvet Furniture

Once reminiscent of too formal and traditional, velvet furniture has been making a comeback. A velvet sofa, for example, can be a statement piece in your living room with rich tones to match with throw pillows. Velvet furniture only becomes formal if you gear towards that direction when updating your décor style. In a blog post from Freshome, “more traditional styles like the classic Chesterfield sofa can work in a variety of decorating styles, not just formal spaces.”

Emily Blue Accent Chair

Not only is the Emily Blue Accent Chair comfortable to sit on with its velvet and polyester fabrics, but it is also modernly designed so you do not feel like you are adding a dated piece to your home, in a living room or bedroom setting. The delicate blue tone balances well with the stainless steel that makes up the frame and legs. We see you using this chair for your modern taste.

The Color of the Year- Living Coral

Last but not least, we can’t forget the color of the year, Living Coral! Pantone defines this color as “an animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones.” This tone gives your home a vibrant beginning to 2019! Maybe you see it as a wall color or a pop of color with accent pillows or decorative accessories.

After seeing some of the top trends of 2019, we know you may be overwhelmed with how many options you have to refresh your home’s style. There is no need to rush as we recommend taking time to go through each trend and see what will fit best for your décor. Once you have decided, feel free to share images of these trends in your home with us on Instagram with #myEDFhome ! We will love seeing how your space turns out.

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