What’s Your Style: January

The New Year is still fresh upon us! You may want new pieces to add to your home, making it a great time for us to share with you some of our newly arrived products. Join us below so you can check out some of these lovely pieces!

Sophia Brown Leather Sofa

As you may already know, a sofa can be the center for comfort and style in your living room. With the Sophia Brown Leather Sofa, you can make this a reality with a rich chocolate brown genuine top grain leather that is soft and comforting. What’s also noticeable is the tufted part of the high arms and back that make up the Chesterfield style, making this couch stand out instantly. Consider adding this piece to your home today!

Zuhair Accent Chair

Having an accent piece like the Zuhair Accent Chair is more than just a reading corner or a seat for comfort. A chair can bring a style reference to the room, whether you see it fits best in your bedroom or living room. This occasional chair is meant for a modern style enthusiast with a velvet-like fabric that looks delicate and a large steel frame, both meant to make a statement for a unique look that you might love.

Celine Coffee Table w/Casters

If you are one of those people who love bringing nature into their home, then the Celine Coffee Table w/Casters is for you. At first glance, the wood construction is very obvious with a heavy texture that makes this table look rugged and natural to get a sense of the outdoors in your very own living room setting! It brings a warmth to your home that has you embracing rustic style.

Ferretti TV Stand

Making sure your entertainment center has everything needed to entertain your friends and family can be found with the Ferretti TV Stand. It’s fitting considering the Big Game is just a few days away! This TV stand will also bring a striking appearance to a modern home with a sleek natural gray tone and curved shape in the front. Of course, there is also storage so you’re ready at all times for company to come over for watch parties!

Siena Queen Platform Bed Made in Italy

If a fresh modern Italian design is your thing, you will definitely appreciate adding a new bed to your home like the Siena Queen Platform Bed which, yes, is made in Italy! The modern clean lines and glossy white tone are what will make your bedroom an inspiring focal point so you and your family are always stunned by your room’s style.

Brownsville Queen Storage Bed w/Nightstands

If you’re ready for a charming rustic look in your bedroom for a new look for 2019, then consider the Brownsville Queen Storage Bed w/Nightstands! There’s a lovely walnut brown tone that enhances the distressed wood so you can really create an earthy look. Also, if you arrange the bed like the image above, you will notice one nightstand on each side of the headboard so there’s all that storage when you need it!

Lola Natural Console Table

Having at least one unique piece in your home is always exciting, especially with one like the Lola Natural Console Table which we see you adding to your entryway for the perfect centerpiece! Look at the decorative wood design on each door front and the gold accents. These features allow you to add a one of a kind look that will be a conversation starter when people first enter your home!

Alfie Bar Cart w/Casters

Last but not least, the Alfie Bar Cart w/Casters is the last item we will be sharing with you today. Perhaps your home has never had a bar area before and you want to make sure to have at least one piece that can make cocktail hours that much easier. This trendy looking piece can be added easily to a home that is maybe contemporary in nature while you use the shelves and wheels to store glasses and bottles and move it around to different rooms, such as your living room and dining room!

After viewing the pieces above, we are curious to know your opinions of them. Check out this link https://www.eldoradofurniture.com/justarrived/ where you can vote “thumbs down” or “thumbs up” on each piece! If you decide to make a purchase, share the photos of them in your home on Instagram and be sure to use the hashtag #myEDFhome !

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