5 Interior Design Trends for 2023 

As we move into 2023, upcoming trends are embracing the perfectly imperfect through unconventional forms and statement pieces. From new color matching to retro styles, finding the interior design trend that works best for you is easier than ever. Here are our insights to help you stay on top of interior design trends in 2023.

1. Mix & Match Your Colors or Patterns 

ravel Palm Planter, Seaglass Wall Art, Rusti Star Ceiling Lamp, Symphony Leather Sofa, Radiant 8' Round Area Rug, Udine Accent Chair, Murex Side Table, Abstract Small & Large Vases, Winter & Sunny Accent Pillows

Pops of color are in! Whether it’s traditional and modern or orange and blue, pair unexpected styles and colors to create a dynamic scene. Accent pieces are a great way to do this, as they bring new energy and vibrancy into your space. You can add one colorful component or a playful mix and match of different patterns. Remember: this is your chance to let your personality shine through.

Here are a few eclectic designs from El Dorado Furniture, so you can add some fun and whimsy to your living space.

Tutti Frutti Multi Accent Chair

Shop: Tutti Frutti Multi Accent Chair

Chelsea Accent Chair

Shop: Chelsea Accent Chair

2. Nature is Calling – Showcase Natural Decor Elements

Adalyn 5-Piece Dining Set

Does mother nature inspire your style? Bring that organic aesthetic to your home. Start by choosing designs that showcase natural beauty, like wooden tabletops, rattan chairs, or pieces with stone finishes. Earth tones can have a calming effect and introduce a grounding element to your home decor. Incorporate biophilic designs and textures in a room by adding an organic-style accent chair or side table.

Discover nature-inspired pieces that bring an outdoor touch to your living space.

Sagua Accent Chair

Shop: Sagua Accent Chair

Darwin Side Table

Shop: Darwin Side Table

3. Go Round All Around – Keep Your Interior Design Curvy

Zina White Accent Chair

Curvy edges give your space a softer look that feels ahead of its time. As opposed to sharper or rectangular corners,  furniture with rounded lines can add a cozy touch to your living room or relaxation nook. Rounded sofas create a flowy, welcoming space for your guests to socialize while curvy sculptures or conversation pieces help accentuate your home decor. Even moving your furniture into a circular layout can evoke a serene ambiance. 

Check out El Dorado Furniture’s sinuous designs, each crafted to bring your home to life.

Zina White Sofa

Shop: Zina White Sofa

Prisca Floor Sculpture

Shop: Prisca Floor Sculpture

4. Feeling Nostalgic? – Return to Retro Furniture & Design 

Ecom Large Vase

Drive by nostalgia, 2023 is bringing back the handcrafted, the antique, and the quirky with artisanal vases and Persian-style rugs. It’s time to put the minimalist look aside and create something new with unique retro pieces. Make a bold statement by introducing vintage-inspired designs into your modern space, like pairing contemporary artwork with a Victorian-style rug. The best part about retro furniture is how timeless it remains throughout the decades, so don’t be afraid of investing in these classics.

Start embracing the nostalgia with El Dorado Furniture’s retro picks.

Francine Floor Clock

Shop: Francine Floor Clock

Blake Sofa

Shop: Blake Sofa

5. Light it Up – Functional & Decorative Room Lighting

Doris Floor Lamp

In 2023, lamps must go beyond simple illumination to bring you decorative accents that set the mood for an entire space. Be creative with different lamp shapes, textures and designs. Layered lighting can be used to accentuate different corners of a room, showcase your personal style, and create a more dynamic environment that doesn’t feel overwhelming. 

Check out El Dorado Furniture’s take on  “How to Pick the Right Lamp for Your Home”. Plus, here are some fun options to help you light up your space.

Mezza Luna Floor Lamp

Shop: Mezza Luna Floor Lamp

Note Black Table Lamp

Shop: Note Black Table Lamp

Ready to jump into these 2023 design trends? Shop online for our wide selection of pieces or visit a showroom near you in Naples, Miami, West Palm Beach, Ft. Myers, St. Pete, and Broward. 

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