How to Choose Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Furniture for Your Home

Terra Set of 2 Vases

Earth Day is here! As cohabitants of this beautiful planet, we need to do our part to protect our natural resources, raise awareness about environmental issues and reduce our carbon footprint.  

One easy way to help conserve Mother Earth is to shop more consciously. It’s time to choose sustainable or environmentally friendly furniture for your space – after all, this planet is our home too.

What is Eco-Friendly Furniture?

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Sustainable, green and eco-friendly furniture all refer to a type of furniture that has a minimal impact on the environment. Composed of recycled or renewable resources, they are a great replacement for synthetic materials that can contain polluting chemicals.  

What is Sustainable Furniture Made of?

You might be wondering just what this stuff is made of. There are a lot of green material options that can make durable and beautiful furniture from both recycled and renewable sources, such as:

Salvaged Wood

Reusing wood salvaged from wood pallets or used furniture is a great way to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Aden II Coffee Table
Shop: Aden II Coffee Table
(Crafted from quality reclaimed hardwood)
Shop: Celine Side Table
(Made of reclaimed wood)

Recycled Textiles

Cotton, wool, polyester, nylon and burlap are a few textiles that can be recycled and reused for home furnishing designs.

Harmony Maui - Plush Queen Mattress
Shop: Harmony Maui – Plush Queen Mattress 
(Composed of Seaqual™ Fabric Technology, an eco-friendly fabric made of recycled bottles)


This tree-like grass can grow much faster than wood, reaching its full size in just one to five years. Strong and sturdy, bamboo is ideal when it comes to furnishing high-traffic areas like your home office or living room.

Terra Set of 2 Vases
Shop: Terra Set of 2 Vases
(Made of natural bamboo and terracotta)

Recyclable Resin

Durable and weather-resistant, recyclable resin not only serves as the perfect material for outdoor furniture and décor, it also helps minimize your plastic impact on the environment.

Atlantico White Chaise Lounge
Shop: Atlantico White Chaise Lounge
(Made of 100% recyclable resin wicker for outdoor use)

Natural Fabrics

Certain fabrics like wool, seagrass, hemp and linen are all naturally sourced, durable materials that can be used in woven furniture and other home furnishing builds. Natural fabrics are also great alternatives to plastic materials, so you can style your house without harming the planet.

Jute 8' x 10' Area Rug
Shop: Jute 8′ x 10′ Area Rug
(Made of natural hemp material)
Shop: Natural Seagrass Large Vase
(Made of natural Seagrass material)

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process

Materials are not the only thing you should consider when seeking sustainability.  Responsible manufacturing practices can make a huge impact on how much water goes down the drain, the amount of electricity used, or the bulk of waste produced in the process.

Venezia Grey Bedroom Set
Shop: Venezia Grey Line
(Made in Brazil with an eco-friendly manufacturing process)

What Can I Do With the Furniture I Already Have?

Apart from making environmentally conscious purchases, there are a couple things that you can do to repurpose the furniture that’s currently sitting in your home: 


A term for creating a new product of a higher quality or value than the original product. Think about that old chair that’s been sitting in the corner of your living room. With some fresh paint and stylish accents,  you can transform it into an eye-catching statement piece.


This means you can reuse or repurpose an item that you already have. Perhaps your old travel trunk can become a trendy coffee table or storage chest. Get creative – the opportunities are endless!

With a little bit of upcycling here and a few eco-friendly pieces there, you’ll be able to create a mindful and conscious home that is good for you and the planet. Ready to look for more sustainable furniture and décor? Discover more at El Dorado Furniture!

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