Essential Items You Need For Your Nightstand

By definition, a nightstand is a small table that is kept at the side of the bed, giving you space for things such as your tablet, reading materials, glass of water, and table lamp. A bedside table is there for your convenience as well as enhancing the décor of your bedroom. When it comes to your nightstand, we definitely all have that one essential item that we make sure to keep by our side of the bed, so which one is yours?

Check out some answers about nightstand items from our employees below.

“For me, it’s usually the latest book I’m reading, giving me a chance to unwind before going to sleep.” –Karina M.

“My Xbox One controller so I can relax with video games before it’s time for me to go to sleep.” –Julie P.

“100% my AirPods. They’re part of my nighttime routine as I relax with calming music or when I wake up in the morning ready to take on the day with music that hypes me up.” –Juan S.

“My Alexa, making it easy to set things up such as my alarm to get ready for the next day.” –Marlon D.

“I need a notepad on my nightstand for thoughts and ideas that pop into my head to write down at any time of the night.” –Mariam F.

“Definitely my charger, so it’s easy to charge a phone or tablet without getting up.” –Bin G.

“A jewelry tray is important for me to have on my nightstand to take off rings and earrings so I’m comfortable and ready for bed.” –Kelsey B.

“I’m going to go old school and definitely say a book is always on my nightstand for me to read before I sleep.” –Javier S.

“My item is definitely lotion, so I can wind down with self-care before bedtime.” –Yani P.

“A table lamp so I can turn the light on and off without having to get up to do it.” –Eduardo M.

“I have space for my nightstand for my glasses always, so I can take them off at night.” –Richard A.

Now that you have heard about some essential items to keep on your nightstand, we would like to recommend a few nightstands in case you’re looking for a new one.

If you to tend to store a wide variety of items next to your bed, you’ll love the Annabelle Nightstand with two drawers included.

Annabelle Nightstand

If you do not care about having a nightstand with storage, we have the Brown Ridge Open Nightstand, with a simple design that can perhaps match your bedroom’s style. You can also mix it up by using a side table typically used in the living room such as the Character O Side Table.

Brown Ridge Open Nightstand
Character O Side Table

Also, before we forget, we really would love to know your nightstand’s one essential item, so please leave a comment below!!

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