Furniture Fit for Your Personality

Have you ever stopped to think about how furniture in your home is based on your personality? Did you ever think that these two could be linked? You may have not even noticed but depending on the rooms in your home, your furniture is a direct representation of you or your family’s personality overall. Join us as we break down a list of furniture styles that correspond to personality characteristics.


Traditional furniture features carved wood accents, intricate crown moldings, and luxurious fabrics. If you like this style of furniture, you may be habitual in everyday life. According to SundayBell, “you are very nostalgic and are captivated by design that is timeless.” You want to leave a luxurious impression on your home décor. In addition, you appreciate elegance that still allows you and your guests to have a cozy home setting. In the picture below, you can see the Palais Royale 5-Piece Formal Dining Set. The European design of this set is enhanced with hand carved wood accents, intricately detailed veneer work, floral embellishments, and beautiful polyester upholstered chairs. These features create an eternal look that you may appreciate in your home if your personality draws you there. In addition, you might add classic accent pieces to continue this look.

Palais Royale 5-Piece Formal Dining Set


Contemporary and modern furniture focus on simple, clean design with metal, wood, and glass. Someone who connects to a minimalist lifestyle can appreciate these styles of furniture. According to a blog from Freshome, personality traits of someone who appreciates minimalism is methodical, efficient, determined and introverted. In other words, you most likely make plans ahead of time and are very focused. You embrace structure and prefer style that is not complicated. You might be detailed oriented but you hold on to the simplicity of life. Overall, your philosophy is “less is more.” In the photo below, the Miami Leather Sofa is designed with simple, contemporary style. Some features include top grain leather upholstery, gimp trimming accents, and block style legs, which all contribute to a smooth look. This living room setting is also enhanced with the Gotham Coffee Table. The table’s clean design is a combination of a clear tempered glass top and stainless steel X-shaped frame. With the Miami Leather Sofa and Gotham Coffee Table in a neat setting such as this one, minimalism is present. If anything, you might add accent pieces with slender details. If you are into contemporary pieces like these, then you appreciate simplicity.

Miami White Leather Sofa & Gotham Coffee Table


If you live a relaxed lifestyle, rustic and industrial pieces of furniture might hit home with you. Rustic style embraces old farm house style with distressed, natural beauty, while industrial style utilizes vintage design with reclaimed wood or metal. You might even be a crafty person who is into DIYs; building your own furniture with a rustic finish is possible. In addition, you want a sense of relaxation in your home for your family and friends. The Metalworks Queen Panel Bed is a perfect example of rustic and industrial design. Some distinct features of this piece include wood plank accents, cast bronze finish hardware, and raised frame moldings. The quartered oak veneers add a natural touch. For this style, accent pieces can range from metal to rural art. If you like this bedroom setting, then your personality will directly reflect this with relaxation.

Metalworks Queen Panel Bed


Eclectic furniture has a mind of its own, as it tends to mix various fabrics and bright colors for a complete finish. For someone who tends to collect eclectic pieces of furniture, your personality has certain traits that connect you to this style. You are outgoing, unique, energetic, and artsy. For example, you do not stick to habits, therefore your lifestyle is different every day and you enjoy new ideas. The same can be said for your choice in furniture. You most likely do not sympathize with modern or contemporary style. You want something with more color and personality that will complement your home with a distinct touch.

In the picture below, the Mangue Cabinet utilizes rustic and industrial features to create eclectic design. The highlight of this piece is the heavily distressed design of the multiple shaped drawers in various colors. These drawers include rustic hardware and decorative labels for an even more unique finish.

Mangue Cabinet

On the other hand, the Celeste Sofa is a mid-century modern take on classic, Chesterfield style. The smooth glossy acrylic accents, gold metal cap legs, and button tufted accents accentuate the individuality of this sofa. In addition, the Cancun Multicolor Pillow is hand woven in a multicolor pattern, while the Sundance Pillow uses multicolor appeal in a lattice pattern. These pillows help enhance the sofa with an eclectic touch. If you enjoy mixing a variety of bright colors or patterns with neutral or detailed pieces of furniture, then you most likely embrace this diverse style.

Celeste Sofa

In essence, your personality can be linked directly to styles of furniture and décor. By elaborating on traditional, contemporary/modern, rustic/industrial, and eclectic styles, we hope you have discovered how your home may reflect you or your family’s personality. Let us know what furniture style you are by writing a comment below!

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