Style Your Accent Pillows

Do you ever feel like pillows in your home are arranged too messy or too neat? Do you ever wish you knew how to improve your style of pillows? We can help you determine your best options for pillow arrangements. Certain arrangements pertain to specific rooms or lifestyles. For example, if your home has a busy atmosphere, the style of pillow arrangements should be kept simple to balance out the accents of each room. In order to determine the best options for your living room, bedroom, accents, and lifestyle, we will now give you tips to make this process easier for you and your family.

Living Room

Choosing the best pillow arrangement for your living room largely depends on the furniture you currently have. If your pieces are a solid color and feature simple design, then you have flexibility when it comes to styling your pillows. Below will give you a few tips that will be helpful for finishing your living area.

  • Don’t match your pillows with your sofa. This might seem like an obvious suggestion but the same color combination for your sofa and pillows leaves your living room with a dull finish.
  • Complement your living room. If the color of your living room enhances your furniture, then adding accent pillows of that color will leave this area with a complete look. In addition, our very own interior decorator Maria D. Hernandez suggests using light colored pillows to offset a sofa with more detail, such as one with tufted accents or intricate design. This gives your living room a complete look that is not too overwhelming. In the photo below, the Battista Sofa is shown before and after to portray the difference between having no accent pillows and adding light colored accent pillows.

Battista Sofa
  • Use odd numbers. Regardless of what furniture you have, adding an odd number of accent pillows always looks more consistent than an even number.
  • Don’t overdo it. When you think about your guests visiting, do you picture them having to take off an abundance of pillows from your furniture just to sit down and get comfortable? I didn’t think so. Stick to comfortable accent pillows that do not overtake your pieces of furniture.
  • Choose pillows with color or design. When you have a simple sofa, you need pillows that complement your living room with a relaxing touch. Hernandez suggests that when you have a neutral colored sofa such as white or gray, you should use pillows with bright colors or texture to add variety to your living room. This could be a white sofa with yellow or blue accent pillows. Or it could be a gray sofa with accent pillows that have a bright, textured design. In the photo below, you can see the before and after of the Bay Harbor Light Gray Leather Power Reclining Sectional w/Sleeper. Without any pillows, this sofa looks unfinished, but once bright colored pillows and textured pillows are added, the atmosphere of the living area is upbeat and vibrant.

  • power-motion-leather-sofa-bay-harbor-light-gray-el-dorado-furniture-hfur-155
    Bay Harbor Light Gray Leather Power Reclining Sectional w/Sleeper


    Bedrooms have a bit of flexibility for styling your pillows. You can use as little or as many pillows as you want.

    • Rolled pillow. According to a blog from Homegoods, using one rolled pillow in the back or front of your pillow arrangement can add a diverse shape to your style.
    • Two accent pillows. Simply lay down your standard pillows and add two accent pillows in the front by standing them up. This is best for your bedroom if you do not want a thorough arrangement. In the photo below, you can see the Syndy Queen Platform Bed with just two accent pillows for a soft touch.

    Syndy Queen Platform Bed
  • Neat finish. This arrangement is two standard pillows laid down, with two Euro pillows in the front standing while two accent pillows lean on these pillows for a simple finish. In the photo below, there is a before and after of the Montreal White Queen Leather Bed where you can see a significant difference once the bed is enhanced with two standard pillows down, two Euro pillows, and two accent pillows.

  • queen-bed-montreal-white-el-dorado-furniture-8kuk-105
    Montreal White Queen Leather Bed
  • Never-fail pillow combination. For a combination of pillows that leave your bedroom with a solid but not excessive look, this arrangement is perfect for you. Start with three Euro pillows in the back, two standard pillows standing, and then one small accent pillow in the front.
  • Accent Pieces

    Accent pieces are always a great addition to your living room or bedroom. They have the ability to accentuate the design of the furniture pieces you already have. In this case, we will explain how adding one pillow to an accent piece makes a difference.

    • Accent chairs are utilized to enhance your bedroom or living area. In order to keep this piece from looking empty, add one pillow. Depending on the style of your accent chair, this accent pillow can be a solid color or a textured pattern. In addition, adding a pillow provides comfortability for your family or guests who decide to sit there. In the gif below, you can see the Lyonne Accent Chair with one pillow in a couple of textures to showcase a complete look.

    Lyonne Accent Chair
  • Once you have your accent chair set up with one pillow, you can use the primary color of this piece to add accessories to your living room or bedroom. Using the same color creates a comprehensive finish.
  • Styles

    Here we will introduce how your lifestyle can be synonymous with the way you style your pillows in your bedroom.

    • If you have a busy lifestyle and want your bedroom style to match this, you can simply use standard pillows and then include Euro pillows or accent pillows in the front that are either stacked or tossed.
    • If you are sticking to a simple lifestyle, you would most likely have your pillows in standard cases, with just one accent pillow leaning on each pillow. In this photo, the Playlist Queen Storage Bed is seen with two accent pillows that contribute to a clean, minimalist look.

    Playlist Queen Storage Bed
  • Whether you have a relaxed or busy lifestyle, this style of pillows works for you if you want a neat, detailed look in your bedroom. Of course, you have your standard pillows to start and then you can begin adding as many pillows as you want. You can place these pillows in any way you find fitting.
  • In essence, styling your pillows can be a challenge for your home. This being said, our tips for your living room, bedroom, accent pieces, and lifestyle should certainly help you define your pillow arrangements. For example, if your furniture in your living room is a solid neutral color, you have the ability to use a variety of accent pillows.

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    About Maria D. Hernandez:

    Maria received her architecture degree in Cuba and has worked at El Dorado Furniture for two years. Maria’s favorite part of working with furniture is the open space concept, where living and dining areas achieve a beautiful balance. She always creates a balance of design concepts for each customer, so they are happy with her work. Her favorite style is neutral coastal design that is enhanced by adding eclectic pieces.

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