How to Celebrate National Wine Day

Many people bookend their workday with a cup or two (or three) of their favorite wine. But how often do you think about the furniture you lounge in? You wouldn’t eat just anything with your favorite wine, so why not demand more from your furniture? Kick off your shoes and learn how to celebrate National Wine Day leaning back on one of these chairs.

A pink rosé with the Fairmont Pink Accent Chair is an obvious match

Warning: You may blush a little when your friends ask why you never leave this chair. The velvet-like upholstery is perfect for unwinding with a glass of wine after a long day. An X-shaped back gives the Fairmont Pink a bit of added flair, allowing this chair to brighten any room—a perfect companion for the fresh flavors of a rosé.

Open a bottle of white wine and you’ll be sitting pretty on this Dubai Chaise in pure white.

Like its namesake, the Dubai Chaise is a symbol of luxury. Your body will love the plush curves of this elegant wave design and the polished stainless steel frame will make it stand out in any room. This chaise is perfect for a living room or pool deck where you can lie down and sip a crisp glass of white wine. Corkscrew sold separately.

The mysterious neighbor with red wine on a Laura Dark Gray Chaise. Got the clue?

Settle in for the night on the Laura Dark Gray Chaise with a bottle of red and your favorite mystery novel. With a classic Chesterfield style, this chaise carries the charm of antique furniture priced for a modern budget. The turned decorative legs, luxurious fabrics, and button tufted accents are details worthy of a royal. You don’t need to host murder-mystery dinners to justify owning this chaise when you have killer taste in décor.

Fresh grapes. Fancy cheese. Need I say more about the Uva Set of Wall Art?

Okay, this isn’t exactly furniture, but this wall art may be what you need to pretend you’re in a cozy French corner bar. The prints are coated with a glossy finish and can be hung together or separately to create the perfect look for a wine lover. Just be sure to remind your guests that they still need to walk to the fridge for a cheese wedge and grapes.

Don’t be ashamed to enjoy a few glasses of wine a night with the Vino Rosso Set of Wall Art.

The Vino Rosso set of acrylic wall art prints captures the elegance and taste of wine in three simple pictures. Dark and subtle, these prints are the opposite of their bright and colorful Uva cousins. Because they’re so simple, you have more options when it comes to arranging the frames in different styles of decor. Just make sure you hang them up before your third cup.

Your love of wine shouldn’t stop at the brands you enjoy. This National Wine Day, show your loved ones your commitment to relaxation by choosing furniture and decorations that match your taste.

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