WYS: May New Furniture Arrivals

Summer is coming. With temperatures rising, a breath of fresh air may be just what your home needs, and we’ve got cool new pieces just for you. We’re sure our new May arrivals will have just what you need to kick off the season. Join us below as we share our list of new furniture!

Katie Power Reclining Sofa

When you’re designing your living room, comfort is definitely something you’re searching for. One of our new sofas, the Katie Light Gray Power Reclining Sofa, has a soft fabric for you to sit back on with your family. We also know how comfortable it is reclining while you’re watching your favorite show during summertime, so this sofa has that option too!

Diana Gray Leather Sofa

You can stay cool even if it’s hot outside with this Chesterfield style leather sofa. Don’t even worry about matching! This couch will play well with anything you’ve got because leather and gray agree with just about anything, although we think it works best with a contemporary or modern look. You just grab yourself a lemonade and lean back on the arms of this couch so you can enjoy your time off.

Andy Green Swivel Accent Chair

Are you looking for a new accent chair to bring something stylish to your living room? Well, we absolutely love the Andy Green Swivel Chair. Its olive green color and curved look give it a trendy presence that we see for someone who is a contemporary style lover! Don’t worry, it’s also soft to the touch so it’s more than just for looks.

Lucca Cream Leather Power Recliner

We all have that one chair in our home that we consider our own. We thought of you with our Lucca Cream Leather Power Recliner, as you unwind after a long day of work with your favorite book or TV show. With a leather power recliner like this one, you will be comfortable instantly, especially after spending time outside in the summer heat!

Roxbury Park Coffee Table

The Roxbury family is full of characters, and this coffee table is no exception. Glass and metal details on the smooth dark wood bring together materials for a stylish new furniture design that fills the gap between the modern and contemporary styles in your home. Like well-dressed guests, this table is just too cool to not take home.

Dazz Coffee Table Set of 3

If you’re looking for a table set, whether it’s to refresh the style of your living room or to just have more table space for your friends and family, you might like the gorgeous Dazz Coffee Table Set of 3. We really love these tables because they have different heights so you can put drinks on one, decorative pieces on another, and maybe some snacks on the last one during your summer parties! We also envision this set in a modern home because of the stunning glass and steel details.

Avanti Gray/White Wall Unit

With some summer shows starting soon and baseball season in full swing, you can be prepared by having the perfect piece to start your own entertainment center, the Avanti Gray/White Wall Unit. From the look of it, the simple modern style can be easy to match to whatever living room furniture you already have and there’s space for all the media essentials you can think of. Also, you can personalize this new TV wall unit by adding your favorite books or decorative pieces on the shelves!

Roxbury Park TV Stand

Those patterns aren’t meant to fool you. This is one awesome TV stand. The Roxbury Park is ideal for contemporary style houses that want to stand out from the pack. There are four doors (told you those patterns aren’t there to fool you) with plenty of storage space for consoles and your binge-worthy collection of movies and TV shows. There are also cable management holes to keep things organized. Go ahead and have maximum fun away from the heat.

Roxbury Park King Platform Bed

If you feel like summer is a good time to move on from your bedroom’s existing décor and bring in something new, we think a bed like the Roxbury Park King Platform Bed can be perfect! What we love about this piece especially is the wing-shaped headboard with a geometric look, so you’re bringing something unique to your room right away. If you are worried about how the bed will match with other pieces you have in your bedroom, the light gray color is neutral so it shouldn’t clash.

Andy Queen Storage Bed

It’s the age-old dilemma of buying new furniture: do you prioritize style or function? With the Andy Queen Storage Bed, you can have the best of both. You don’t have to feel guilty about tossing your bedsheets to the floor with the convenient storage drawers in the footboard. Lovers of rustic and transitional decor should not have problems finding the right spot for this bed’s dark wood that compliments pretty much everything. There’s also storage on the headboard for your books, water cups, and emergency mimosas to help you through those hot summer nights.

Roxbury Park 5-Piece Formal Dining Set

It’s always nice to plan ahead, especially for your dining room because before we know it, it’ll be time for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. It’s why we’re recommending the Roxbury Park Dining Set. If you’re into warm contemporary style, you’ll appreciate the brown wood construction and velvet-like dining chairs, perfect for either a small casual meal or something more formal for the holiday season.

Karma White Cabinet

They say what goes around comes around. So if your guests won’t stop walking past this cabinet, that’s perfectly normal. The cabinet’s top drawer is stacked off-center to the cabinet below in a peculiar yet stylish choice. Perfect for the modern home, the stainless steel accents and glass top will draw many compliments, creating a circle of positive energy.  

If you see something you love, we would like to give you the chance to vote. Click here, where you can click “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on our new arrivals. If you decide to shop at our online store or visit an El Dorado Furniture showroom, whether you’re in Lee, Broward, Miami-Dade, Pinellas, Collier or Palm Beach County, we would love to see what you choose this summer. Make sure to share pictures of these pieces in your home with us on Instagram by including the hashtag #MyEDFHome and you could even be featured!

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