How to Design an Entertainment Wall for Your Home

If you’re looking to jazz up your entertainment wall space, you’ve come to the right place! The TV has become a staple in everyone’s main living space, perfect for watching football games and streaming your favorite shows. What varies greatly is how we choose to set up our TV within our entertainment space. Some older more traditional methods include TV tables or TV cabinets. Newer, more trendy styles encourage wall mounting your TV and incorporating various pieces of art around it. Whether you choose to highlight or hide your television, we’ve put together several creative ways to decorate your entertainment wall.

Television Placement

First things first, decide where your television will go. This depends on the layout, size and overall purpose of your space. Your entertainment wall should be just as functional as it is beautiful. For individuals with larger rooms who are looking for a bold statement piece that doubles as storage, an entertainment center could be a great choice. If you have a smaller space or larger furniture pieces already in the room, you may want to consider mounting your television.

TV Stands & Entertainment Centers

If mounting your TV isn’t for you or isn’t really an option (ie, you’re renting a home), a TV stand can be a good alternative. Television stands and entertainment centers not only anchor  your room design, they also provide  extra storage. So before shopping, consider how much wall space you have to work with and what other items you may potentially want to place on the wall (hanging or standing). There are a variety of TV cabinets available from low profile to corner stands to large entertainment centers, that can transform the look and feel of your space.

Low profile TV stands:

Corner TV stands:

TV Entertainment Centers:

TV Wall Mounts

As more people favor minimal spaces, wall mounting the TV has become a popular choice. It frees up space below, above and around your TV, so you can add more furniture you love or simply allow the room to breathe. 

If you choose to go in this direction, you’ll need a wall mount. Whether it’s a flat mount, tilted mount or turning mount, the mount needs to match the look of your space and serve the right function.  For example, in a large room where the TV can be seen from multiple angles, use a turning mount. If your room’s furniture is set and the TV only faces one way at all times, a flat mount will blend into the wall effortlessly.

Entertainment Wall Backdrop

Once you’ve decided on placement  and what type of stand you’ll need, it’s time to think about the drywall behind it. You can opt for a bold accent color to help your entertainment pieces and décor stand out. Or, you may want to choose a more seamless color that complements or blends in with your furniture. 

Top colors for accent walls include:

  • October Mist: sage green 
  • Burnt Sienna: warm terracotta
  • Violet Petal: light purple 
  • Railings: black 
  • Corn Talk: light yellow
  • Frank: happy blue

Adding Flair to Your Entertainment Wall 

With the walls painted and furniture set (or hung), it’s time for the fun part! Personalize your entertainment wall with accessories and decor. No matter the style or theme you’ve chosen, these finishing touches will tie the entire look together: 


Turn your entertainment wall into an accent wall by surrounding your TV with framed or unframed artwork. This will add a pop of color and intrigue to your space instantly. . If you choose an entertainment center, you can still make the same impact using smaller art pieces or family photos. 

Shop wall art 

Additional Shelves

If you’re mounting your TV or opting for a low profile TV stand, consider adding floating shelves next to  or below your TV. Shelves not only provide more space for decorations, lights and books but they also help break up the wall space. 

Candles & Lamps

Candles and lamps can help warm up your space while providing soft lighting and creating a movie theater feel. 

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Plants (real or artificial) bring natural textures to every room.  A tall floor plant on either side of your entertainment wall can draw the eye to your TV while an ensemble of smaller house plants add a touch of green to your shelving. 

Shop plant and flower arrangements 


Books are a great way to decorate your shelves and can be stacked in a variety of creative ways. You can also find hollowed out books that are designed to cover electrical hardware!

Figurines & Accents

Display figurines and accents that show off your personality. This can be a decorative tray or jar filled with smaller items (seashells, coins, rocks, etc.) or it could be an animal figure. Your options are endless. 

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Our Top Picks for Entertainment Wall Accents

Whether you’re getting ready for Friday’s movie night or the big game, El Dorado Furniture offers plenty of pieces to help you upgrade your entertainment wall, from entertainment centers and TV stands to accessories and decor. Get started today!

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