7 Must-Haves for Your Home Office or Gaming Room

In the last few years, the number of individuals working remotely from home has increased immensely. Companies now more than ever are letting employees choose the environment in which they would like to work. This means making their own schedule, getting new hardware and sprucing up their home office. Although there are a lot of perks to working from home, there are some office essentials that you are sure to miss, like a dedicated work space, large desks, and comfortable office chairs. So, why not have the best of both worlds?

Essentials for an Office & Gaming Space

For many of us, our dedicated office space lives in a multifunctional room. Perhaps, the living room has been sectioned off to accommodate your desk or the kitchen has now become half-meal prep, half-zoom background. If you’re not careful, these multifunctional rooms can begin to feel crowded or overwhelming.  

But just because you don’t have a separate room doesn’t mean you can’t create a prime office space that doubles as an entertainment and gaming space for your family during off hours. All you have to do is make sure your space has the right office and gaming essentials to get started.

1. Computer Desks

Arguably the most important piece of furniture in your home office and game space is your desk. The desk you select greatly depends on the type of computer setup you have and how much additional desk space you’ll need. If you’re working from a laptop, a smaller desk gives you just enough space to work without disrupting the flow of your bedroom or family room.  

2. Modular Desks

If you’re working with a desktop, have multiple monitors and additional peripherals, you’ll need a larger desk to accommodate all of your gear. Modular desks or L-shaped desks are certainly up for the task. Versatile and convenient, they provide all the extra desk space you need during the day and can be adjusted during the night to add more floor space. Modular desks also help to break up the space in the room. They can help define that area as “work” space while the rest of the room is your entertainment or game space. In some setups, the L-shaped desk placement also allows you to face the room vs a window or a wall. Oftentimes we place our desks right up against a wall to hide untidy cables and cords. The modular desk lets us have the untidy side against the wall, and one side away from the wall to create a dedicated nook. 

3. Computer Chairs

The second most important item for your home office is your computer chair. Let’s face it – a large portion of our days are spent sitting. And if you’re a PC gamer, then your off time or game time is also spent sitting, so choosing the right office or gaming chair is absolutely vital. Your chair should provide support and comfort for 8+ hours while also complementing your room’s aesthetic and style.

4. Sofas & Sectionals

Additional seating that you can transition into after work helps switch your mindset from productivity mode to relaxation mode. For larger rooms, sectionals provide an abundance of seating for playing games or enjoying movie nights with friends and family. They also help divide the room, so there’s a clear distinction between your office space and your living space.  For smaller rooms or smaller families, consider a reclining sofa. These are great after-hour lounging or   or just taking a break from your work day. It can also be a great alternative to your office chair, especially for laptop users.

5. Bookcases & Shelf Stands

Bookcases and shelf stands help provide extra storage space for office supplies and other decorative pieces you may want to add to your space. You may choose a bookcase over a credenza or in addition to one. They are also great furniture pieces for storing/displaying DVDs and games as they are easy to see and easy to get to! If you have office supplies that you prefer not to be visible, consider getting a bookcase or storage cabinet that has doors, so you can “hide” those particular items. 

6. Credenzas

A credenza is another great storage solution option for your home office. If you don’t have enough wall space to add a bookcase or shelf stand, consider a credenza with a hutch. A credenza with a top hutch can provide additional book storage and display space for decorative items. Meanwhile, a credenza without a hutch is smaller but also serves as  a TV or game console stand. 

7. Floor & Table Lamps

Lighting is a must-have in every room, especially a home office where different lighting may be necessary to tackle those all-nighters. You may find your overhead light is too bright or not bright enough. In either scenario, a table lamp or floor lamp is essential. 

With our wide selection of office and gaming furniture pieces, you’ll have no problem creating a multifunctional space that works for you and your family. Ready to upgrade your space? Start shopping for home office furniture and stylish accent pieces.

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