Hypoallergenic Furniture To Keep Allergies Under Control

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Creating an allergy-free space is something that we allergy sufferers dream about. While we can’t get rid of allergens like pollen, pet dander, and dust mites completely, you can minimize them by adding hypoallergenic furniture to your home! And with springtime in full swing, there’s no better time to make it happen.

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Start With Your Furniture.

Your living room is where you should evaluate your furniture and foremost.

Raise Legs.

Light gray leather sofa collection with a blue rug, green plant, and blue wall art in a lifestyle setting by El Dorado Furniture
Product shown: Katherine Gray Leather Power Reclining Sofa

If the fabric you have in your living area doesn’t affect your allergies, there’s still something you can do. Check out if the piece of furniture’s base is raised on legs and doesn’t sit on the floor. This prevents dust from accumulating and allows you to clean your floor easily!

Choose Leather.

White leather sofa with gray rug, gray bookcase, green plants, and table lamp in lifestyle setting
Product shown: Winner 2.0 Leather Corner Sofa

If you’d like to change out your furniture entirely, you can look at faux leather and leather furniture. What’s great about this upholstery is that it’s easy to clean. Simply wipe down your leather sofa routinely with a soft cloth to remove any dust and pet dander. To find a leather sofa that you’ll love, check out our selection here.

And we’re sorry to break it to you, but don’t encourage your pets to sleep on there. Their dander will just build up.

Or Consider Other Upholstered Furniture.

Gray fabric sofa with gray rug, white bar cabinet, white coffee table and side table, blue wall art, and brown leather chair in lifestyle setting by El Dorado Furniture
Product shown: Elise Power Reclining Sectional

If you would prefer a sectional sofa that’s upholstered in chenille, polyester, or velvet, they’re not as allergy-friendly, making it easy for dust, pet dander, and more to accumulate on the fabric. Instead, consider microfiber, performance fabric, or cotton. These fabrics are easy to clean, and cotton is even naturally hypoallergenic!

Move On.

White dining chairs, glass dining table, multicolor wall art, and decorative silver accessories in lifestyle setting by El Dorado Furniture
Product shown: Opus Rectangular Dining Table

Once you’ve gone through your upholstered pieces, you should also keep your other pieces of furniture in mind. 

Let’s say you have a glass dining table. To ensure there’s no dust on the tabletop, wipe it down routinely with a wet cloth to remove dust. The same can be done for your wood coffee table except, in this case, wipe it often with a dry cloth so it doesn’t damage the solid wood’s finish.

Get Rid Of Any Rugs You Don’t Need.

Area rugs are one of the easiest ways for dust to accumulate in your home, especially if it’s a high pile rug. If there are any rugs you don’t really feel attached to, consider donating them. When your floor is bare, there’s not as much dust as when a rug is present. Just clean your hardwood floors regularly. 

When You Can’t Part With Your Favorite Rug.

Close up of multicolor area rug on wood floor
Product shown: Starburst Area Rug

Of course, we don’t want you to have to get rid of something you love. If you can’t give away your favorite rug, what you can do is vacuum it routinely to avoid any dust build-up! Look for vacuums that come with HEPA filters because they trap even the smallest of particles for the most efficient results.

Protect Your Mattress.

Close up of mattress protector and box on mattress
Product shown: iProtect Mattress Protector

Pillows and mattresses can be the perfect environment for dust mites. What you can do to keep them away is get allergen-free covers for your pillows and a mattress protector for your mattress. And of course, wash your sheets and pillowcases often.  

While you’re at it, you can also change out your sleep pillow for a hypoallergenic one, like the Level 2.0 Pillow.

Or Hey, Get A New Mattress.

Serta hybrid mattress with gray bed frame and dark blue lamp in lifestyle setting
Product shown: iComfort by Serta Hybrid Mattress

According to EverlyWell, an old mattress can have up to 10 million dust mites on it, so if you’ve already had your mattress for eight to ten years, it might be time to replace it. Check out our wide selection of mattresses to pick out one that works best in your home.

Dust Regularly.

Man in aqua shirt and tan pants dusting a TV

Make it a habit to dust your furniture, cabinets, countertops, ceiling fans, electronics, door frames, and any other out-of-reach spots regularly so dust doesn’t start building up in these areas.

Once you’re done with your furniture, there are other steps you can take that will also help lessen allergens. 


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Go through each room in your home and create different piles for giving away, keeping, recycling, and throwing away. Getting rid of unnecessary items gives you more space to start fresh with your furniture.

Keep Your Home Dry.

Close up of dehumidifier and plant

If there’s any mold or mildew in your home, hire a professional to remove it.

Next, consider adding dehumidifiers and air purifiers. They’re very helpful for anyone who suffers from allergies at home.

Replace Your Air Filters.

Man in purple shirt replacing air filter

Don’t forget to replace the air filters for your air conditioning system for healthier and cleaner air. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions to see how often you need to change them! This is an easy way to lessen your allergies regularly.

Once you’ve taken all these tips into account, you’re on your way to an allergy-free home! If you’re inspired to shop at an El Dorado Furniture store, you can shop online anytime or visit a showroom near you in Naples, Miami, West Palm Beach, Ft. Myers, St. Pete, and Broward. Feel free to tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #myedfhome with photos of your hypoallergenic furniture for a chance to be featured on our Instagram account.

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