Your Guide To Valentine’s Day 2021

Man and woman cooking in kitchen

With Valentine’s Day 2021 right around the corner, it’s a great time to make your other half smile with fun activities for the night. And instead of just giving your partner gifts when you see each other on February 14th, you can integrate the gifts into how you spend the night together! Let’s jump right in!

Get the night off to a great start… 

by walking in with a bouquet of flowers. There’s nothing more classic than that!

Close-up of woman in multicolor shirt holding flowers
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Set up a trail of roses.

Lead your partner into the house with a beautiful trail of roses. Trust us, they’ll love it!

“Travel” around the world.

While we can’t travel everywhere right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t make traveling a fun theme for your Valentine’s Day! Consider setting up different “bars” around your home with bottles of wine from all over the world so you’ll both feel like you’re on your very own vacation! Once you’re done, you can put them away easily in a wine holder or tray.

Make your candlelit dinner everything you’ve been dreaming of.

Recreate a favorite dish together.

Man and woman in kitchen cooking

All of us have at least one favorite meal from our favorite restaurant, and we crave it every once in a while. You might not want to go out to eat, so why not replicate it right at home? Search online for a similar recipe, and make it happen 🙂 

P.S. If you do not want to cook, don’t worry about it. Give yourself the night off and order your favorite food in! 

Create the best lighting.

Plate of pasta and red wine in candlelit setting

The flicker of candlelight creates a lovely ambiance that is hard to compete with, instantly making your dining room feel warm and welcoming for a cozy and intimate setting. That’s why candle holders allow you to set the mood instantly for your Valentine’s Day dinner! 

The table and chairs that say it all.

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Make your meal even more intimate with a small dining set, so you can enjoy your food and conversations right next to each other.

Set the table with stunning centerpieces and placemats, plates, and silverware to remind you of going to your favorite restaurant.

How to end the night…

Turn your living room into a dance floor.

When you’re done enjoying a meal together, you can head over to your living room and turn it into a dance floor. Stream your favorite music on your entertainment center’s speakers to add to the romantic ambiance, and enjoy a dance together 🙂

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Get creative.

Scrapbook on white surface

There are a few ways you can make something together with your partner!

  1. Gather old photos, receipts, and concert/sports ticket stubs to make a beautiful scrapbook that you’ll both love.
  2. Paint away. Set up two canvas and paint gorgeous scenery, your favorite animal, or celebrity.
  3. Do a scavenger hunt or create a fun couples game. Some of your questions can be asking what your favorite memory together is, who’s the best cook, who said “I love you first”, and more!
  4. Create a bucket list! Start writing down a list together of things you want to do with your partner in the future like travel destinations and goals.

Make your night extra special with comfort that says I’m yours.

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Turn your living room into a center for comfort as you both enjoy the rest of your night together.

There’s no better time to snuggle under a blanket with your loved one and watch a movie, whether you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy, a thriller, or binge-watching a new show on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus. Go for it!

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When the movie ends.

Make dessert together! This is a great way to end the night. We think chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne are a perfect match 🙂


If you have any additional gifts that were not integrated into your Valentine’s Day night, set time aside at the end of the night to exchange them with your partner. 

Here are a few suggestions we have.

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Get starry-eyed.

Man and woman stargazing

Make your last activity of the night unforgettable by heading to your backyard and stargazing together.

Now that we have shared our guide to Valentine’s Day 2021, we can’t wait to see what you end up doing on this special day! You can shop at our online store or visit a store near you in St. Pete, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples, or Ft. Myers. Feel free to share images of your night with us on Instagram with the hashtag #myedfhome for a chance to be featured on our account!

As a bonus, here are some of our favorite gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021.

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