Inspiration: Accessories

Are you looking to update your décor and aren’t sure where to start? You’re in luck as we have three styles of accessories for you to consider adding to your home! The new take on traditional style combines modern pieces with more traditional ones, the eclectic modern style focuses on adding bright pops of color, and the clean contemporary style features an overall minimalist look. Join us as we explain the French Quarter, Wynwood, and Montreal styles! You can click here as well for complete details to get inspired today.

French Quarter Style


The French Quarter Style is inspired by the oldest section of New Orleans, Louisiana, which is a prime cultural location for locals and tourists alike. The classic detailed architecture dates back to the 1700s, which helped us name this style that combines traditional pieces and enhances them with a modern look, paying homage to the trendy neighborhood in New Orleans.

The following pieces illustrate how the French Quarter Style is a new take on traditional style with the pairing of stunning accessories for a glamorous design in your home. This room setting has an overall classic setting with the brass tones found on both the Roxie Cream accent chairs and the Williamsburg ceiling lamp. You can easily achieve this look by also adding the Verdant Area Rug which has a warm Bohemian feel and the Nebula Set of 3 Figures which are stars with a rusted look. The most modern component of the style of this room is the Uribia Mirrored Cabinet which reflects beautifully with its mirrored glass. With all these pieces together, you can see how the French Quarter Style comes to life with gold and brass as the primary tones.

Wynwood Style


“Wynwood” is for this neighborhood right here in Miami, Florida. Wynwood is a popular and entertaining area of town that has huge elements of vibrant art and fashion where you can find walls covered with the most unique street paintings, giving us the inspiration illustrated for this style. 

The Wynwood Style uses pieces that are specifically combined together to portray an eclectic modern setting in your home. As you can see, bright colors dominate the setting which is perfect for your diverse taste. The Pamplona Area Rug sets the scene with multiple colors in an exciting abstract pattern. You can comfortably enjoy this ambiance with the Posh Orange Accent Chair. If you think this style is for you, you are probably dreaming of Wynwood with the variety of shades found with the Celo and Caspian vases as well as the beautiful Beaute Acrylic Art placed on the wall. What cools down the unique feeling of this style is the Calypso White Cabinet which is finished in a pure white and brings storage to a trendy room. By defining this style with these pieces, we believe you can create this look with a mix of colorful yet modern accessories!

Montreal Style


“Montreal” is based on the city in Canada. Montreal is an attractive place to visit or live for someone who appreciates the contemporary aesthetic with clean-lined architecture and the essence of chic fashion. With the pieces mentioned below, you will see how they resemble the minimalist feeling of Montreal Style.

The accessories included with our Montreal Style feature clean lines for a contemporary style in your home. You can see how this look is achieved with the steel frames found on the Alba Accent Chairs, Illusion Side Table, and the Ulysis Console Table. Although we do primarily focus on keeping the setting minimalistic, adding different types of accessories like the Floret White Ceiling Lamp with fluffy goose feathers and the Blue Blood Area Rug with a drip-like pattern brings more character to the setting. To keep the theme going, consider adding the deep blue Caspian Vase, the silver look of the Mercure Figures, and the Bacchus Candle Holders, all beautiful pieces that complete this fashionable style.

Now that you have reviewed our French Quarter, Wynwood, and Montreal styles, we would love to know which one is your favorite by leaving a comment below! By including a new take on traditional, modern eclectic, and clean contemporary style, we have paved the way for you to change the style of your home décor. When you’re ready, you can share your home décor with us on Instagram by posting a photo with the hashtag #MyEDFHome and your content will be featured on our account!

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