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When you enter someone’s home, the entryway is the first thing you see. If you have never been to that home before, this is your initial impression of the living space. In a blog post from Houzz, Becky Harris explains why entryways are so important: “You have only one chance to make a first impression. So it’s important that the entry to your house is welcoming to guests, reflects your personal style and makes you feel happy and comfortable as soon as you walk through the door. This space sets the tone for the rest of your home.” If you are looking to create a welcoming entryway, we have suggestions that we think you will find hopeful. Join us as we go over these in detail below!

Our first suggestion is to add a piece of furniture. A console table is a great focal point in the entrance of a home so you certainly want to find one that fits your style, whether it’s a modern clean look or more traditional with intricate details.

Aden Console Table

The Aden Console Table’s beautiful quality reclaimed wood top in natural tones over slightly curved steel legs portrays an upscale yet rustic look. The relaxing design of this table allows you to add a few modern accessories on the top, creating an inviting feel that will certainly please your guests.


The Albany Console Table adds more of a modern look to your entryway. The beautiful wood is finished in walnut brown while it is complemented with the brushed brass on the frame and drawer fronts for a warm introduction. In the image, a leaner mirror and few accessories are added for a clean touch to your home as you store necessities in the six drawers.

Ledelle Console Table

The Ledelle Console Table takes on more of a traditional approach but it still helps you add beauty and style to your entryway. The details of the penny brown wood and the lovely marble top allow you to use accessories such as floral arrangements and classic candle holders on the top and display shelves, inviting your guests into your home.

Ferrera Console Table

Our last console table suggestion is perfect for creating a minimalist look at your entryway. The simple design of the Ferrera Console Table, such as the X-shaped legs and natural faux stone top, paves the way for you to choose any accessories that match your personality. You can add ones with color or unique design so that your entrance to your guests stands out for the perfect introduction.

The next item to add to your entryway is an accessory. An accessory represents your style and complements a console table with more character.

Bicchiere Blue Bowl

The Bicchiere Blue Bowl brings a soft pop of color that can be placed on the top of a console table with blown glass in a beautiful sapphire blue. You can leave this piece on its own or fill the bowl with a few small pieces or your keys for convenience.

Orchids Disk White Flower Arrangement

The Orchids Disk White Flower Arrangement adds a sense of nature to your entryway to relax your guests as they enter your home. This look is accomplished with the glass bowl that is filled with faux succulents and orchids and natural wood trunks.

Glaive Tray

The Glaive Tray includes a unique design that would work well with a modern console table with a feather shape finished in gold. This accessory can be combined with other accessories on the table that have a clean look as well.

Torah Bowl Flower Arrangement

The Torah Bowl Flower Arrangement is different from the other accessories because of its height. This large piece gives you the opportunity to make a statement by using just a single piece on your console table, grabbing the attention of your visitors.

Last but not least, accent pieces can complete your entryway décor. They have the purpose of offering storage and convenience, tying the style of the entryway together or simply adding comfort with soft fabrics. A single accent piece can portray your personality as well with a one of a kind look or color theme. These items may vary from a coat rack to an accent chair or ottoman.

El Dorado-Summer 2016_052.jpg
Timber Coat Rack

The Timber Coat Rack features elegance and accessibility for your entryway. The steel construction is stunning for a modern style enthusiast while the uniquely shaped hooks are included for convenient hanging of coats and hats that make it easy for your guests to get comfortable as soon as they walk inside your home.

Bucky Ottoman w/Storage

The Bucky Ottoman w/Storage is great for serving two purposes. The upholstered portion is smooth with soft white performance fabric for a comfortable feel while the storage compartment inside can store whatever you want. Additionally, the flip around natural finish wooden tray brings a rustic look to this piece for your guests to enjoy as they see your home for the first time.

Daniele Ottoman w/Storage

The Daniele Ottoman w/Storage adds an eclectic feel to your entryway while also providing essential storage space. This is seen with the fabric with a multicolor printed pattern and the two cushions that can be flipped over to be used as trays for a few accessories as they reveal room for any items you may want to put away.

Now that you have seen our options for a welcoming entryway, we would like to hear what you think! We would appreciate if you left a comment below. Once your entryway is set up to your liking, feel free to share your photos with us on Instagram with the hashtag #MyEDFHome and you will be featured on our account!

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