One Tip, All the Difference

Since we’re a couple months into summer, we wanted to give you a simple tip; why not add an indoor/outdoor rug inside your home? We will show you how just this one tip will make all the difference.

Let’s say you have a few young children and pets. I’m sure you are always looking for pieces that are going to last. In a blog post from Sisal Rugs Direct, they emphasize that “you need a rug that can withstand more than the average wear and tear.” Indoor/outdoor rugs are typically made of polypropylene, which is highly durable and tends to be mildew and mold resistant. These rugs are built to be resistant to the outdoors, so just imagine how well it will fit in your home.

Unexpected accidents will be easy to clean up and you can place one of these rugs in your bathroom or other high-moisture areas with no worries. Additionally, an indoor/outdoor area rug can protect any floor that may not be as resilient, so it takes away damage concerns.

Let’s create a scenario in your head that will sound better when a new rug is involved. Your dog and children are running around the house during the weekend, in what Sisal Rugs would call a “high-traffic area.” The fibers of the rug are stronger than traditional indoor rugs, so this rug won’t wear out and your children can have all the fun without damaging the rug itself.

Last but not least, a rug is an easy update to your home’s décor. Versatile designs with different colors and styles are available. You don’t have to sacrifice your style by choosing an outdoor rug over an indoor one.

Check out our three rug suggestions below and let us know what you think!

  • Pachyderm Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug: eye-catching blue colors with a tribal design that includes elephants, perfect for an area of your home that needs more depth in style.
  • Hols Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug: a calming botanical leaf-shaped pattern in soft sage green and cream, bringing a sense of the outdoors to your home. Perfect for spring or summertime.
  • Arid Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug: a statement piece that is ideal for a room in your home with a neutral color theme going on. A diamond pattern in three different colors visually pleases the room of your choosing.

Now that we shared our quick tip with you, please let us know if you decide to follow through! We’ll be here, ready to hear all about it!

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