September Edition: What’s Your Style?

Even though it is only September, some of us may already be thinking about the holidays. You could be looking to add new pieces to your home that your family and guests will love. There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead, so here is our brand new list of just arrived products for the month of September below!

Diana Blue Leather Sofa


The Diana Blue Leather Sofa is a classic type of piece that can revive your living room. You can tell that the denim blue leather is comfortable but what we really would like to point out is that this couch is a contemporary take on a traditional Chesterfield look! Just look how beautiful the high arms and back with button tufted accents are. You won’t regret adding a sofa like this to your home.

 Abbington Sofa


For those of you who want to add a new piece to your living room but don’t want to overcomplicate things with a detailed design, the Abbington Sofa can be your answer. The simple gray color theme of the fabric can match plenty of existing décor so you do not have to worry. It’s also the perfect size for a small home that may be limited with room. Essentially, the main detail of this couch is just the button tufted back that is simply designed for a midcentury type of inspiration.

Opulence Storage Bench


Now, this piece is definitely for someone who loves more of a traditional type of style in their home. The Opulence Storage Bench is just classic; its brown tone is inviting and warm with beautiful wood details and a comfortable beige seat. It’s especially essential for you if you just need a little more storage in your bedroom. This bench can also be the finishing touch to your current set-up by getting added to the foot of your bed!

Gem Coffee Table


The Gem Coffee Table is an absolute gem for your living room, get it? If clean contemporary is something you’re accustomed to, then this piece is definitely an attractive option. With a top to set down beverages, accessories, and electronics, this table’s real beauty is found with the captivating gold frame that will stand out in your home right away.

Chic King Canopy Bed


The Chic King Canopy Bed is more than a just place for you to sleep at night. It’s a piece that reconsiders the entire style of your master bedroom, so if you’re ready for a new look, especially with the holidays in the next few months, we’ve got you covered. A beautiful silver leaf color theme is matched by an oversized headboard that sets the scene of your room with a circle pattern that overlaps, great for someone who loves chic contemporary design.

Sanibel Queen Platform Bed


Living in South Florida, you may want to bring the outdoors inside to soften your bedroom. You might love something like a tropical oasis. If you want this to come to life in your home, the Sanibel Queen Platform Bed is beautifully made. You will notice that the woven material is relaxingly designed with gray and natural brown so it’s truly an impression from nature.

Coco Rectangular Dining Table


The Coco Rectangular Dining Table is certainly not a table you might see every day, so we wanted to make sure to include this appealing piece. Although the gray wood top is beautifully distressed, what you might be asking about is the base. Putting the two U-shaped legs aside, there is a wheel crank system that takes you to an industrial time while also changing the height of the table when you have different types of holidays with groups of people.

Ralf Black Desk w/Speakers


The Ralf Black Desk w/Speakers looks simple at first glance but it has incredible options for a complete home office. Apart from the minimalist construction, if you’re one of those people who wants all the convenience included to make working from home easier, you will fully appreciate this piece. Drawers keep you organized as you stay focused by enjoying the built-in Bluetooth speakers and powering everything up with the power strip.

Two Oceans Chair & Ottoman


Let’s say you want to add just a couple pieces to your patio or balcony. This can be fundamentally for a place to sit back and put your feet up as the weather cools off soon (hopefully). The Two Oceans Chair & Ottoman is all you really need. Fishbone rope is woven on both the chair and ottoman, giving off a coastal appearance that is perfect for relaxing in the comfort of the outdoors. You will love having this set available for when you want to take a break outside.

Nassau Blue Chaise Lounge


The Nassau Blue Chaise Lounge is what mixes up your outdoor furniture with fun, new style. Also, are you looking for relaxation on your patio for times when you want to make time for yourself? This piece, for lack of better words, kills two birds with one stone. A beautiful turquoise blue sets this lounge apart for your eclectic desire while also always having you lay back comfortably with the cushions. We really think you’ll love this one.

After seeing a preview of our newly arrived pieces, we would love to know what you think! Click on the link here: and you will find “thumbs down” and “thumbs up” on the products so you can make your votes on your favorites. Love a piece so much you’re going to buy it? Let us know how it looks in your home by tagging us on Instagram with #MyEDFHome with your photos!

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