The Importance of Accent Chairs

Accent furniture is meant to stand out in your home by complementing your overall decor. This type of addition “comes from a meaning of the word accent which means stress, or emphasis.” Our focus will be to point out the importance of accent chairs, single pieces that can make a big impact. You can add an occasional chair to your bedroom, entryway, or living room, so its versatile nature makes it exciting to add this piece to your house! For example, a blog post from Spruce emphasizes that a chair is more than just functional; its decorative design brings a flair to easily update a space; “it can even be in a different style from the rest of your furniture for an even greater contrast.” Below, we will outline the types of chairs that you might be interested in.

  1. Statement Chair

A statement chair is an accent chair that isn’t purely focused on comfort. Its outstanding design or pop of color is actually what is making an impression right away. If your entryway is missing its focal point, you can add this type of chair there or to a living room that is simple in style so far. We are going to suggest the Haven Accent Chair. Classic navy blue fabric is enhanced with a slanted stripe pattern for a touch of personality with gold-finished stainless steel legs to fully portray the beautiful modern style. You should use this chair in a bland area of your home to heighten your decor.


  1. Slipper Chair

A slipper chair is defined by Spruce as “simply an armless upholstered chair that has short legs so that it sits closer to the ground.” This type of chair can be good for a corner of your room for convenience or simply another place to sit with comfort. We are going to go with the Barrymore Yellow Accent Chair. Smooth fabric is in a soft mustard yellow tone with short stainless steel legs that complete the design of this chair. Consider placing this piece in your bedroom for a lively shade of color.


  1. Side Chair

Yes, we know a side chair is typically for a dining room but who’s to say you can’t use it in your living room? In a blog post from Home Stratosphere, they summarize the importance of this type of chair: “The slim design of this type of furniture is what makes it so versatile. It will fit into the smallest and most awkward places. It’s comfortable enough as a place to sit while reading or watching television…” A side chair has all the comfort you need while also conveying a sense of style that your room may be missing. For this case, we decided to choose the Shell Side Chair. The upholstery is soft to the touch so you can relax meanwhile the shape of the back begins to resemble a clam design, transforming any area of your living room with graceful beauty.


  1. Wing Back Style Chair

A wing back style chair has the purpose of changing your living room or bedroom by adding an instantly classic style. Home Stratosphere mentions that this type of chair used to be a staple in libraries or other formal rooms. Concerned about adding a very traditional chair to your home? You don’t need to worry, as there are plenty of chairs in this style that brings modern elements too so your space won’t feel dated and is instead a new take on traditional. Our recommendation is the Lauren Accent Chair. The fabric is a dark stone blue with a detailed pattern while the wing back style truly finishes the updated traditional look for a gorgeous presence in your living area.


  1. Barrel Back Style Chair

The barrel back style chair adds a visually pleasing look to your home with a curved back that literally looks like a barrel with a low to the ground design for simplicity. This type of chair can be the ideal addition to your bedroom or living room, a personal place for you to relax and sit. The Roxie Cream Accent Chair is our choice for your house. Dark cream textured fabric with a barrel back shape is comforting with antique brass legs to finish off the elegant style of this chair.


After seeing these types of accent chairs, you can see how important it can be to add one to your living room, bedroom, or even entryway. If you would like to let us know what you think, please leave a comment below! In the chance that you purchase one as well, share your home with us with the hashtag #MyEDFHome on Instagram.

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